Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Ugh it's that ugly dreaded time of the month again.
I should have known really, i was in quite the mood yesterday! 
I love when girls acknowledge their periods. 
Not in a weird way, just like, yeh...it's that time, whatevs.
And it's really not a big deal to bring it up.
So cool.

I used to think it was this huge secret, and that it was forbidden to talk about.
The Voldemort of lady things, if you will. 
Then i got halfway through high school and made new friends; one day a girl mentioned that she 'was on', i was like *GASP*! How can she mention that here?!
But then everyone was just chatting about it and i saw periods as this whole other thing entirely.
It kind of bonds us as women. We all get them, we experience them differently, we help each other through it by talking about it. 
It really is no big deal. 

I had the implant, Implanon, fitted a few years ago, then removed last year.
It stopped my periods altogether. It was amazing in that sense, but it kind of messed with me. 
My skin was awful, i couldn't shift any weight, i had a plastic rod IN MY ARM and i could FEEL IT.
It got too much, so i had it removed. Ah i could breathe again.
Until my periods came back with a vengeance! 

I count myself so lucky in that i don't get cramps [don't hate me cos you ain't me, lol].
I get a bit of backache, lethargy, and a few headaches sprinkled in now and then.
However, today was a rubbish day. 
Despite doing my 'banish fat boost metabolism' workout, i had zero energy
So i did nothing. 

It felt amazing.
I read through blogs, went on imgur, and caught up on HIMYM and 2 broke girls.

I'm still feeling pretty turdy though so cracked out some old photos. 
Nothing cheers me up more than some good old fashioned nostalgia!

My hospital tag.

Seriously though, i freaking LOVE goats!

Look at that pose, that jumper, that 'check me out bitches' face!

I could cry reading this, it makes me lol so much.

OMG! I have just realised this is the same day as the garish jumper!
You can see the pattern on the bottom of my skirt and the green snow boots in the photo.
HA. I am too cool though right!

I love old photos.
I can't wait to get back home and have a rummage in the photo boxes!

What i bought....

Just a few 'essentials' i picked up last week.

My favourite thing about summer is that i get to wear glasses and watch people without them knowing... 
I sound like such a creeper i know, i'm not though!
I'm incredibly shy.
The catch is, i find people so very interesting. The choices in clothes they wear, how girls [and some boys] have their hair/make up, how they act around and towards others. 
I just love people watching. So decent sunglasses are a must have. 
I found a decent pair in H&M for about €6, and picked up a natty pvc glasses case.

You know how it is, summer equals forward planning, so a big bag filled with everything is a necessity, and sometimes [most times], my glasses get smushed and scratched to hell. 
Not cool. 

Also H&M, for my bobbles, clips, kirby grips etc. 

Finishing party decorations for my mum's 50th.

Yep, scrunchies. 

'Nude' palette by Catrice €4. 
I don't know about you but i had to laugh when i saw this was called Nude. 
Naked sounds so much better...but i guess that was already taken!

The Urban Decay Naked palette has been on my wishlist for a while. Alas, i am poor, and cannot, nay, will not, pay so much money for eye shadow.s 
I just can't justify it! 
I will probably cave at some point though and get one!

This smells so fresh after a shower, it lasts all day too. 
However, if you fancy a top up, it's super refreshing also.

My plan today is to get in my bedroom and organise all my make up and hair/skin products. 
Weirdly excited for this.
I also have to send a box to the UK for my family.
I love care packages, don't you!? 

Also, hello to my new followers, you've no idea how excited i am to see you :)

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday summary

I can't believe how fast this week has gone! 
I'm heading back to the UK for my mum's 50th a week on wednesday and she has reported that the weather back home is awful.
I feel like this week we tried to take full advantage of the heat with picnics, gigs, and frozen yoghurt.

The perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon. Spirited Away. You have to watch a Ghibli film in it's original language with English subs, it's the only way.

New favourite band HopAlong. Saw them midweek and the gig started at 10pm. 
For a couple of home bodies like us believe me, this was a big deal!
The singer has an amazing voice. If you like Lemuria, you'll like these for sure. 
I love adding to my record collection. The moon label and printed lyric sheet really made this album :)

Picnic in the park for lunch.
Our local is Mauerpark. 
2 minutes away.

New shoes. I had a pair similar to this when i was younger.
They were by Buffalo and they had pink flames.
I know, i'm cool.

New necklaces. 
Following Estée's advice that a statement necklace can fancy up a simple striped top, of which i have many. 

Made a little doll.

Watching LTJ at Monsterbash on Saturday. 

This sexy guy made my night. 

An outfit post of sorts. Obvs i didn't wear the fake crocs. I wore my fake Buffalo's.

Someone gave away almost their entire living room!

Hope everyone has had a good week.
My next 10 days or so are going to be CRAY.
Have so much bunting so sew, the flat needs a proper deep clean, and i recently discovered secret stashes of make up and product that i don't use anymore.
All needs sorting!

Friday, 26 April 2013

What's in my...sketchbooks

I have dreams of being an illustrator. 
There. I said it.
Some of my absolute heros include Marc JohnsGemma Correll, and Laura Dockrill.

I've been really unmotivated since leaving my art degree and continuously feel i am not good enough.
I worried people would tell me my drawings look like that of a 5 year old.
I was obsessed with finding my own style, but at the same time telling myself the way i drew was utter crap, and that no-one in their right mind would like it, let alone enjoy it. 

Needless to say, i lost a little of myself when i stopped drawing. 

I used to work a lot of different hours in a pub, so i got to meet some amazing characters, and listen in on some intense conversations. 
Inspiration was everywhere. 
Now i have turned into a bit of a hermit. I prefer to stay in, i don't work [i know, i'm lucky], and i am an anxious, anti social moron. 
I couldn't find inspiration anywhere for a long time.

I have recently started drawing again. I don't know what triggered it. Trying to remind myself that i love drawing, even if i can't.
I have no problem admitting this, i cannot draw, but as guru Tim Gunn says, i "make it work" for myself.

This is one of my current sketchbooks. I attacked a Muji notepad with washi tape.
Oh my how i love washi tape.

My other book, this one has thicker paper and can handle watercolour and inky pens better.
Again, it has been washi'd.

This is far from my normal style. 
I was trying something a bit different and more 'realistic' i guess. 

The last page is a little series of zine type books that i'm working on. 

So, there we have it. 
My absolute dream would be to write, illustrate and publish some kind of kids book.
I just need to stop being so scared and push myself. 

I have a few fun posts coming up, a couple of hauls, book reviews, craft projects, and maybe some more drawings. 

Have a nice weekend!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday Mashup #1

Everyday makeup

So i'm trying out a few new weekly features for the blog, starting with today's Monday Mashup.
Called so because it's going to be a mixture of topics; from food, to music, photography to animation, anything i want basically!

We'll start with some self indulgent beauty! 
[Cue the oohs and aahs]

Y'alls may remember this post? Well i'm using pretty much the majority of the contents.

No makeup, HELLO!

Primer, concealer, & eye brightener. 

Benetint blush, Catrice eye shadows and brows as groomed as i'm ever going to get them! 

Seriously though, can anyone recommend good brow fillers?
I really want to start fixing them up but i feel super conscious like i have marker pen brows!

Oh Hai!

So that's me.

The rare times i wear make up, this is how i look. In Berlin anyway.
It seems when i'm back in England i get really awkward and self conscious, so wear my makeup quite differently.
Usually full foundation, concealer, powder, da woiks.

I'm really ill at the minute, ran out of cold and flu tablets, boo!

I went shopping today hoping to pick up some coral blush, but i quickly discovered there were none to be found anywhere!

Can anyone recommend any decent coral blushes, not too expensive?

Have also been considering asking if anyone wants to do a makeup swap. I'll pick out some makeup and bits from Germany, and the swapee can pick out some English/American/Canadian/Etc stuff and we can post it to each other?

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday summary

A quick summary of this week :)

We made some tasty grilled chicken burgers and potato wedges.
My definite meal of the week!

All of a sudden Berlin got really warm!
The flip flops were calling to me...

Anyone remember those jelly shoes from back in the day?
 [I'm 27, i can say that. Deal with it.]
I found a website, Sun Jellies, and i am totally getting a pair for summer.
For £19.99, how could you not?! 

I was going to get a black pair, but then my boyfriend pointed out if they're not glittery, what's the point.
So i took his fashion advice but now can't decide between gold or silver glitter!

I discovered Berlin had it's very own, brand new, Monki store....
Picked myself up a couple of tee's, nothing fancy, i'm too large.

I'm currently having a love affair with my old Minolta. 

I started working out again.
This is my 'before' face, i was scured.

It's my mums birthday in May and we're having a garden party.
I offered to make mountains of bunting.
You can now call me Mrs Bunting.

Saturday was super sunny so i decided the time was nigh to sort out my window boxes.
Dirty work.

So proud of the outcome. I put up some mini washi tape bunting and decorated the boxes with some fabric washi tape i have.
I like sitting by the window and watching people look at it.

I'm such a creep :-/


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