Friday, 26 August 2011

a different kind of favourite ink

Hello my lovlies!
It's been a pretty cool couple of days for me, a friend of mine is a budding tattooist and asked me if i wanted to tattoo him.


So i picked a cute character from My Neighbour Totoro and we set a date. When he got to mine i asked if he'd tattoo a rose for me because it's been two years, TWO YEARS, since my last tattoo!! I was dying for that satisfying scratch :-)

Here i am in progress, it's huge, love it!

Here i am, concentrating hard on not messing up! I am in no way trained in tattooing, i'm not even that good an artist, in fact, i am so rubbish at drawing i call myself an illustrator because it's the only way people will take my childlike scribbles seriously!!

I was pretty calm tattooing Pete, the only thing is i was so wary of hurting him that i tried to draw as fast as i could, hence the shaky lines and RUBBISH eyes!


If you ever get the opportunity to tattoo a friend, do it, sanitarily and safely of course, but do it!

My tips for tattoo after care, pat with water in the morning and before bed, apply vaseline to keep it from scabbing too much, and don't scratch! Don't over expose to water and don't over expose to sunlight.
When your tattoo starts to raise, pat with baby oil after washing to keep it moist and prevent you from rubbing and manhandling your tattoo too much!
Once you get past the itchy stage, you're all set :)


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Seeing rainbows!

Hello to my lovely petite circle of followers :) and to any who is not following but reading, follow me, i won't let you down!!

This is just a small post to show off my amazing baking skills. While living in Berlin it was hard to bake because they don't have self raising flour over there....don't ask, sore subject. I had massive withdrawals from not being able to bake properly for 4 months, so as soon as i had a chance i whopped out my muffin tray, ha, and baked these bad boys....

Our oven is kind of crap and goes hot and cold on a whim so they got a bit hot and dropped, boo! But they tasted delicious and looked like this inside!

So colourful!!

The buttercream was an indulgence :-)

At the request of my boyfriend i also made some lemon drizzle cake which turned out yummy and lemony and moist, fit!!

On another note, i ordered the 30 day shred dvd and it should be arriving Monday, i am very nervous and will keep you updated on the pain i am in and the (slow) progress i will be making!!

Peas xxx

Friday, 19 August 2011

A wee blog sale :)

Well since deciding that i need to re-evaluate my style one thing became glaringly clear.....i have no decent clothes!! Seriously, what little i actually own is pretty worn in, moth eaten, just gross.
So i need some new 'key pieces' for my style overhaul, but for shopping, you need money, of which i literally do not have!
I am willing to sacrifice some items i found to aid me in raising some money. So here goes, une petite blog sale :)

£4 inc. postage

a beautiful Disney Couture necklace, £10 inc. postage
sad to let this one go!


£15 for all inc.postage, never used - righteous butter swatched a tiny amount

vintage, size 48, i'd say 16/18, poss even 20
£5 inc.postage


vintage, 18/20, poss 22
£5 inc.postage


vintage, 18/20 maybe
£4 inc.postage

vintage fake fur, 20/22
£10 inc.postage

fake fur, can't remember where this is from!
£10 inc.postage

h&m, L, never worn
£3 inc.postage

m&s, says 16 but there's a lot of give :)
£3 inc.postage

dorothy perkins, 20, never worn
£5 inc.postage

Please RT on twitter and get word out if you know anyone who you think might fancy a little cheap treat :)

First couple of people to order will receive a screen printed gift from me......

Thanks for reading guys! On a seperate note, i made rainbow cupcakes today and will share the results this weekend xx

email me at

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Being brave is hard.

Hello i am home!! Back in dusty old England! I intend to post properly about my last few days in Berlin and the journey home (drunk pilot i am sure), but first i wrote something today that's mega personal and i wanted to share it with you all.

I am a very self conscious and shy person, and i struggle with my weight and how i look and especially how i look to other people, but the other day i had an epiphany, it's been a long long time coming, and extremely overdue. Sometimes i faked feeling this, but now, finally, i can honestly say it has clicked. In my head and in my heart. So, here goes....

I am plus sized.
(not FAT, that's a horrible, crude sounding word and i don't like it!)

I know to most of you who know me this comes as no shock, but for me it was. For too long a time i didn't look in my head the way everyone else saw me. In my head i was curvy yes, a little bit chubby, but not the size i actually am. I forced myself to look in the mirror and see me for me. I saw a largely overweight girl.

I have never admitted it to myself before. I swear in my head i was half the size i actually am. Going into shops and trying things on was tough. Making excuses when clothes didn't fit, 'oh it was cut badly', 'the material is wrong', 'it's clearly not the size it says on the label'. I always ignored how i looked. Only recently have i openly accepted, and can finally honestly say, with no shame, 'I am plus size.'

It feels elating. I am happy. I am happy with who i am as a person, i am happy with where my life is going, and i have a wonderful and beautiful selection of friends and family who love me and who know me for the real person i am.

To everyone who bitches about me behind my back, everyone who gives me dirty looks, and everyone who treats me differently because i am the size i am, i don't care.
I simply do not care. If you are so shallow as to think that me being overweight makes me a terrible person then i pity you.
If you think that laughing at me because i am a 'fat bitch' hurts me, i pity you.

I admit, being overweight is not healthy, and i am trying to lose weight to combat this, but not for vanity's sake. It's going to take a while to lose the extra bits i don't need, but it's not going to change me as a person.

I have finally realised, and accepted, until i lose the weight i am happy with how i look and will make the most of it. I am going to put effort back into how i look. Just because i am overweight doesn't mean i'm not allowed to look nice. I finally get this. I finally realised this. I am there.

This has been the most difficult thing to write and put online publicly for people to see, and no doubt some of you are wondering, 'well why do it then, why put it on online'. I'll tell you. I needed to do it for me. I needed people to know what i am acknowledging. I just needed to put it out there.

Thank you if you read this.
And thank you if you are one of the people who know me and like me for the person i am. Not dislike me for the size i am.

Much love :) xx
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