Friday, 26 August 2011

a different kind of favourite ink

Hello my lovlies!
It's been a pretty cool couple of days for me, a friend of mine is a budding tattooist and asked me if i wanted to tattoo him.


So i picked a cute character from My Neighbour Totoro and we set a date. When he got to mine i asked if he'd tattoo a rose for me because it's been two years, TWO YEARS, since my last tattoo!! I was dying for that satisfying scratch :-)

Here i am in progress, it's huge, love it!

Here i am, concentrating hard on not messing up! I am in no way trained in tattooing, i'm not even that good an artist, in fact, i am so rubbish at drawing i call myself an illustrator because it's the only way people will take my childlike scribbles seriously!!

I was pretty calm tattooing Pete, the only thing is i was so wary of hurting him that i tried to draw as fast as i could, hence the shaky lines and RUBBISH eyes!


If you ever get the opportunity to tattoo a friend, do it, sanitarily and safely of course, but do it!

My tips for tattoo after care, pat with water in the morning and before bed, apply vaseline to keep it from scabbing too much, and don't scratch! Don't over expose to water and don't over expose to sunlight.
When your tattoo starts to raise, pat with baby oil after washing to keep it moist and prevent you from rubbing and manhandling your tattoo too much!
Once you get past the itchy stage, you're all set :)


1 comment:

  1. Wow, you're brave! I wouldnt be able to go near a needle for a tatoo, although I really want a little heart on my foot. My mum would kill me though! haha


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