Sunday, 30 March 2014

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

That's a quote right??
I'm pretty sure i read that somewhere...

So this week i did something i've been wanting to do for years,
i made an artists page for myself on facebook,

Mega scary, but i bit the bullet and i did it!

I'm still scared, 
still filled with self doubt,
but this little step has been incredible for me.

I feel like everything has fallen into place.
I want to do this,
i want to open an etsy shop,
i want to draw!
I want people to enjoy my creations and laugh along with me.

This may not seem a big deal to most people,
but to anyone struggling with not knowing where they want to be in life,
what they want to 'do',
anyone with anxieties and depression,
any introverts...
you get it right?

These are a few of my newer drawings.
The achievement rosettes are part of a series to do with everyday successes.
You will find more work on my new page,
wink wink,
over HERE on facebook!
[aggressive link text lol]

If you like it, please like it.
Share it even.
It would mean the absolute world to me to get to 100 likes by this time next week.
I'll be holding a giveaway when i get to 100 likes for a print of your choice,

Hope everyone's having a good sunday,
especially you mums!

Friday, 28 March 2014

Womanstanley - The Exhibition.

I'm part of a group of [amazing] artists called Womanstanley 
[go like us!]
and we're holding an exhibition in June

The poster was designed by one of my favourite female artists Sophie New.
Her work is a dream and exactly my kind of art.

This is going to be my first ever exhibition.
Seeing as i am still [and forever] on hiatus for my degree i haven't had a final degree. 
So i have no idea what i'm doing.
The worst of it is i can't even be in Warrington when it's going on. 
I'm back in May so i need to get really organised and decide what i want to exhibit,
get some business cards printed,
sort out my shop,
frame my chosen drawings.


[btw i'm such a geek, whilst writing this i'm listening to Les Mis videos from you tube,
'without me, his world will go on turniiiiing'
obsessed with the music in this play]

The thought of putting my work out there fills me with dread.
I've only recently become comfortable with myself,
with my style and my drawings.
I just hope they are well received and that people who like this style,
like my work and get in touch.
I'm shy in person but i'm cool with hiding behind a laptop :)

I'm sure i'll be posting about the exhibition prep,
shop stuff,
new drawings etc.

I'm also thinking of making a FB page for me as an artist.
*adds more onto to do list*

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Still old.

So here it is, 
part two of my birthday treats.
I feel so lucky to have such amazing people in my life.
They all know me so well.

My sister and i are obsessed with the emperor's new groove,
we quote it to each other all the time.

I've recently got into reading comics, 
not superhero comics, 
there are others!!
I didn't know this, lol, felt well stupid when i discovered them,
i was enlightened.
Tank Girl is my hero, i love her,
have you seen the film?
Go watch it!

Another obsession.
Ace Ventura.
My boyfriend and i have so many heated discussions about which is better,
The first one, or the second one.
*ahem-when nature calls*
I want to marry Jim Carrey though. 
Send him my way.

So....i've realised that a lot of the things i am into are based on tv shows or films...
what does that say about me!?
Breaking bad pins are never a bad thing.
I love wood engraving and burning so think these are to die for.
My friend got me my own personal rocket,
so i can escape when i need to and immerse myself in the wonder that is the universe.

If you're not interested in my birthday haul then i'm sorry,
for me though, seeing what people got for their birthday or christmas is my favourite kind of post!
Mainly because i always discover new things,
new shops, new artists. 
Because i read blogs that interest me, i always find i connect to the person a little more
after seeing what they get from people who know them.

So...onto the big debate...
Ace Ventura or Ace Ventura:When Nature Calls?

AND WHY!?!?!? 

A couple of extras from my ipad...
Boyfriend thought it would be hilarious to get me a Tororo onesie.
Joke's on him because i'm never taking it off.

Also got a new head protector for summer,
my ice hockey team, Boston Bruins.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Twenty something...

Hey guys, 
i've been super busy this past few weeks!
Some exciting things in the pipeline,
can't wait to share all!!

A couple of weeks ago though i had a birthday,
a hideous one,
i turned 28.
I have officially entered the late 20's and it is horrifying.
I can't believe how quick time flies.
I remember turning 10 like it was yesterday.
So weird that i'm now 28.
I still haven't processed it, it's not hit me!

Anyway, as a treat i got to fly home the day after my birthday for a week in Warrington
I had a really nice actual day of birth,
me and my boyfriend got up and had cereal, 
opened some presents,
and then went to the mall with birthday monies.

Here's some photos from my Berlin birthday :)

I made some red velvets with cream cheese frosting.
I love Claire from french for cupcake and she always makes the most intense cakes.
She was my absolute inspiration for these gorgeous little cakes!

My absolute hero, Marc Johns,
and space.

Super cute sign from my parents >.<

A couple more parental treats.

I've been coveting these for SO LONG.

So kawai!

Bless his heart,
he wanted to get me a 'fancy' jumper. 

This illustration sums up how i approach sales. 


I've really gotten into comics lately.

They're teeny tiny lenses for my phone/ipad.
[i don't have an iphone waah]
One's a fisheye and the other is a wide angle/macro.
So good, apparently cheap too,
about a fiver on amazon.

That's what i got from others, 
onto my mall treats!

Aaaaaah super cutie cute face!

I swear i feel like Cher when i write with this pencil.
So fun!

Adding to my 'lipsticks that i never really use' collection.

So yeah, i'm really sorry it's been so long since i last wrote.
I went home for a week and didn't really take many pictures or have much to say.
Since being back i've kind of figured things out.
I've been working hard researching certain things and reaching out to people.

I'll save that for another post though.

Tomorrow i'll share part two of my birthday trip,
what happened in Warrington.

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