Monday, 24 March 2014

Twenty something...

Hey guys, 
i've been super busy this past few weeks!
Some exciting things in the pipeline,
can't wait to share all!!

A couple of weeks ago though i had a birthday,
a hideous one,
i turned 28.
I have officially entered the late 20's and it is horrifying.
I can't believe how quick time flies.
I remember turning 10 like it was yesterday.
So weird that i'm now 28.
I still haven't processed it, it's not hit me!

Anyway, as a treat i got to fly home the day after my birthday for a week in Warrington
I had a really nice actual day of birth,
me and my boyfriend got up and had cereal, 
opened some presents,
and then went to the mall with birthday monies.

Here's some photos from my Berlin birthday :)

I made some red velvets with cream cheese frosting.
I love Claire from french for cupcake and she always makes the most intense cakes.
She was my absolute inspiration for these gorgeous little cakes!

My absolute hero, Marc Johns,
and space.

Super cute sign from my parents >.<

A couple more parental treats.

I've been coveting these for SO LONG.

So kawai!

Bless his heart,
he wanted to get me a 'fancy' jumper. 

This illustration sums up how i approach sales. 


I've really gotten into comics lately.

They're teeny tiny lenses for my phone/ipad.
[i don't have an iphone waah]
One's a fisheye and the other is a wide angle/macro.
So good, apparently cheap too,
about a fiver on amazon.

That's what i got from others, 
onto my mall treats!

Aaaaaah super cutie cute face!

I swear i feel like Cher when i write with this pencil.
So fun!

Adding to my 'lipsticks that i never really use' collection.

So yeah, i'm really sorry it's been so long since i last wrote.
I went home for a week and didn't really take many pictures or have much to say.
Since being back i've kind of figured things out.
I've been working hard researching certain things and reaching out to people.

I'll save that for another post though.

Tomorrow i'll share part two of my birthday trip,
what happened in Warrington.

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