Thursday, 27 February 2014


Here's my life in pictures, 
what i've been up to since i was last here.

Making fresh pasta that bloomed and reminded me of petals.
I always make too much pasta, 
it looks like nothing before it's submersed in water.
Stupid gremlin pasta!

I made some delicious food recently, meatballs...

Fatty pizza....

And a lemon and blueberry loaf.

Found some lollys that i used to buy as a kid.
As an artist, i think they're so sweet.

I did my roots and got rid of the pink, 
am planning on a new colour,
either lilac or a pinky, washed out red.
I haven't decided yet....
love directions tho!

I remembered that i loved olives,
after hating them for a long long long long long long long time.

Got some flowers to spruce up the house and make it feel more like spring,
and less like winter is going to come back!

Speaking of.....
i got back into South Park massively and am super excited for the new game!

I'm going to see Brody Dalle this week [thursday!]
and if you don't know me that well, 
you should know that this chic is my IDOL.
I love her, she inspires me, she is everything.
Her band, The Distillers, are everything.

Look at that set list, i might explode from excitement and anticipation!!

I gave Twin Peaks a try,
but i couldn't deal with the hilarity.
It's too much, i'm sorry.
I can't do it!

Whilst baking i noticed my apron was almost a dress.
I'm so short.

And this is an example of how terrible my OOTD's would be.
I'm wearing a onesie, 
my socks are pulled up over the pants,
and my bear slippers for extra warmth.
I answered the door like this.

I successfully made my first poached egg. 
Ok, i lie, this was my second attempt, first was way overcooked.
Was yummy.

Ok, so i'm coming to realise most of my pictures are of food i've eaten.
And what?!

[RuPauls drag race is back on, fyi, watch it!]

Seriously though guys, this woman. 

I also got mad addicted to this game.
Don't play it if you enjoy games like Sims or Animal Crossing.

Hope you enjoyed :)


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