Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Going full circle.

Born in Germany.
Moved to England.
Moved back to Germany,
moving back to England.

The perfect ratio, 
a circle, 
symmetry of life etc.

I am most definitely not perfect,
 i almost certainly don't have it all figured out. 
Hah! Not even close.
But small things like this symmetry make me happy,
 make me feel as complete as the circle.

In my unintentional break from blogging i seem to have taken a break from taking pictures.
this isn't like me.
I love taking photos of things that i'm drawn to.
When i regularly took time to blog, 
i noticed i took a lot more pictures, 
i took my digital camera everywhere.
When my blog took a backseat, so did my picture taking.

It has made me determined to get back into blogging.

The more pictures i take, the more reason to blog.
I loooove looking at people's photos, 
i enjoy seeing someone else's take on things, 
i like to think that people enjoy looking at what i have to show also.

I still don't know what kind of a blogger i am.
I couldn't even tell you [without looking] when i started this or what my first post was.
I think it was a couple of years ago, in the 2nd flat we had in berlin.
I can guarantee it's cringe inducing though!

I'm not a fashion blogger. 
I can say that with certainty.
Maybe i'll be having a good day once in a while and i'll sneak in an outfit photo,
 but i promise you, that won't happen often! 
I pretty much live in 'comfy' pants and jumpers. 
The photos would get repetitive and boring, trust me!

I'm not a beauty blogger either. 
I tend to buy make up, face wash etc,
take a bunch of photos,
then forget about posting anything bcos i don't wear make up often.

I cringe to call myself a lifestyle blog, 
especially when i look at my life and what i do in a day.
I'm so uncool ha!

I mainly enjoy taking pictures of things that make me smile, 
or that i find funny or interesting, 
and sharing them with you guys,
but i don't like to call myself a photographer!

After much thinking, probably too much lol, 
i think i've found that i like to think of my blog as a [very] edited diary of sorts, 
and who doesn't want to read someone's diary!? 

I don't know what compelled me to write this,
i think i just fancied letting you know where my head's been.

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. You're certainly a busy person. Be a You blogger just because you're awesome x


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