Monday, 31 October 2011

A sad circumstance

Oh dear sorry for being AWOL...

Had a fair bit on this past week or two, hard to believe what with my lady of leisure lifestyle and all that. You'll be happy to know though i am now thoroughly up to date with cycle 16 of America's Next Top Model.

I'm joking. Or am i?

Anyway the reason i've not updated in a while is my boyfriend's aunty passed away recently after a long struggle with breast cancer. It was tough on everyone and the funeral was last week so we flew home for it. They were a really close family and we couldn't not pay our respects. 
I have to say, not making everything about me or anything, it was my first funeral and i was terrified. On the way to the service i just couldn't stop crying, i don't know what it was, i think it might have been the build up and anticipation of the whole thing.
When we got out of the car my boyfriend's mum gave me a big hug to try and help me to calm down and what did i do? I did what every other future daughter in law would do in the same situation, and i punched her in the face. 

I'm being totally serious. It was an accident obvs, but was embarrassing to say the least! It helped me settle down anyway.

The funeral itself wasn't as traumatic as i was expecting, i kept thinking about my Opa though which made it a little more tough, i chose not to go to his funeral as i genuinely didn't think i could cope. 

Well, i really wasn't expecting to write this much, it was supposed to be a little 'proper post 2moro promise' sentence, i guess sometimes you just tend to let your fingers do the talking. 

I hope everyone else can handle death and funerals a little bit better than me.

Here i am guzzling through a bottle of MezzoMix, it's a German creation, a mixture of Fanta and Coke and it is gorgeous, no joke, try it at home, coke & fanta.

Will speak again 2moro :) Promise x

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Look at me spoiling you with 2 posts in a day!

This post is inspired by the lovely Ella Masters. I seriously adore this girl, her illustrations, and her blog. 
Go check her out, proper love her :)

Doing this because i am a nosey bitch at heart and love reading others like this.

A. Age: 25
B. Bed size: Double bed
C. Chore that you hate: Hanging out wet washing
D. Dogs: Can't get enough of them! Love them!
E. Essential start to your day: Checking my email, facebook, and twitter...hey i'm away from home!
F. Favorite color: Pink, maybe black lol
G. Gold or Silver: I used to hate it, but gold
H. Height: 5’4" maybe
I. Instruments you play: None :)
J. Job title: Unemployed. Wannabe illustrator, author, and photographer
K. Kids: No thanks, never
L. Live: Berlin for now, and Warrington, UK
M. Mother’s name: Birgit
N. Nicknames: Shelly, smellyshelly, shell
O. Overnight hospital stays: Gall bladder removal, omg anyone who has ever suffered with gall stones i feel for you!
P. Pet peeves: Bullying, ignorance, people trying too hard-just be yourself
Q. Quote from a movie: Anything from Ace Ventura:Pet Detective
R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: 1 sister who is amazing :)
U. Underwear: Is pretty boring
V. Vegetable you hate: White asparagus, bleugh
W. What makes you run late: Bad planning and timing
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Multiple ankle x-rays from P.E in school
Y. Yummy food that you make: I have been told my lemon drizzle loaf is awesome
Z. Zoo animal: Elephants, bears, meercats, ooooh any! I love the zoo, i'd live in the zoo happily :D

Yay, a-z's are way fun! x

Festival of (sh)ite!

Hello peas, i have been procrastinating a lot this week. Sending lots of emails to a friend re-united, finding tattoo inspiration for my next piece, trying to draw said tattoo! Basically i should have done this post on monday....but put it off ha! Sorry!! exciting weekend.....

This past week in Berlin has been the festival of lights, all around Berlin there are light installations on famous monuments, landmarks and by artists. We were here this time last year and had heard of it...on the day it finished! We missed it! So we were determined to go this year, we decided on saturday night because we wouldn't be able to watch X-Factor till the next day.

So 10pm rolls around and we head out into the city, i know, we're too cool. Starting at the TV tower in Alex, which looks amazing. It kept changing colour then there were animations travelling the length of it, so interesting. Then we headed over to Museum Insel, where the above building was lit up. We should have stopped here, but no.....

We decided to walk down Unter Den Linden to the Brandenburg Gate. No! Soooo long and boring and annoying a walk. We kept getting bustled along by proper photographers with tripods and sticks and just getting annoyed in general. Me and my bf, we're not particularly people people. Ha. It was a good night though, we saw some nice things and we actually left the flat. Was just a bit of an anti-climax!

Sunday was a nice lazy day. We got up at dinner and stolled to the calzone place, which is next to the bakery. Picked up a nice little calzone each and chose a cake, carrot for me, rhubarb for the boy. 
We then had a bit of a Would i lie to you marathon, watched 5 episodes in a row. It was seriously brilliant, my eyes were squinty from laughing so hard.  

One of the highlights of the weekend, Greg Davies' 'Hoot owl of death' drawing. 

He wants my hat and keeps stealing it!

Lovely bathroom and toilet holder shot here. Classy, not trashy :)
What i wore to the Sick of it All gig on friday, my hair was bugging me with it's whispy bits so i just pinned it off my face.

Hardcore heaven ha!

Laters x

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Well howdy doody!

When my sister and me were little we had shared possession of this tiny straw hat that clipped into your hair. I found a picture of her recently wearing it and tagged her on facebook, she was livid! She's coming to visit me in Berlin in December for her birthday and yesterday in h&m i found this....

What do you think?! Reckon she'll rock it as much as me?! Hoping it'll make her laugh anyway. There's an old fashioned black and white photobooth down the road from us so i'm sure it will inspire some fun pictures :)

Some christmas stuff i picked up. I know it's not for another few months, but i am in Berlin until December 20th (ish). I miss out on the whole build up to the big day. The decorating, the shopping, the warmth, the secret planning with the family. I'm missing it! So i have grand plans to decorate the flat for a couple of weeks so i at least get that xmas feeling earlier than 4 nights before xmas eve! 

Before we left England i meant to pick up an empty notebook for myself, totally forgot though so picked up this little thing for cheaps. The paper is a wee bit thin, but, it'll do. The necklace was on offer, €3 from €12, winner. I also saw another one with a rams head on it, black braided cord, sounds a bit satanist but it's not, was just chunky and cute. Really wanted it but got the cheaper necklace instead. Hoping the xmas fairy gets me the ram!
Bijou Brigitte. 

Again, for my sister. He is cute, not entirely sure what he is....but i like him! 

My swag, the cardi i was after in england that sold out. The blue stripy top i already have, but it was on offer for €3 and i wear it all the time, good to have a back up! The other stripy one was also on offer. 
I got the fox purse to go with my shiny new fox love mirror by the lovely Nicola Rowlands. Really want one of her Man Friends and pillows too.....all in good time.

To end another picture of me in a hat, furry hat! Was after a wolf one from Merrimaking, but this was cheap so i got this. The wolf can wait!

Everyone excited for xmas? Anyone else being weird like me and already getting decorations ready?

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Warning, picture heavy!

Hello lovely people :) I have come down with some sort of head cold and am feeling pretty sorry for myself. Yesterday was a huge duvet day, just snuggled up on the couch in about 5 layers of stuff plus 2 blankets. Looked a bit of a state. 
So i decided today to get out and walk aboot, maybe do some shopping and try and cheer myself up. 

I ended up being SUPER lazy and got the ubahn 1 stop to the mall, ha! Laaaaazy!

So here i am in h&m, this is what i wore today, bit rainy but i was on the U so didn't get that wet.

My selection of treats.

Totally into elbow patches, so glad they're finally back in.

How's the skirt over pants look treatin' you!? Bit fit right?! Haha, i wasn't keen on this, but looking back now, i should've got it, it's kinda cute, and i didn't feel uber rotten in it either.

No. Stripes are not working for me.

My cardigan! This was sold out in the UK h&m so i am well chuffed i found it today, it was the last one too.

Wanted this because of the hood, but it was just a bit....bleugh. 

Hello! After leaving h&m i got a text off someone to say i was about to get a little surprise.

Look who joined me for lunch! Yay! 

All in all i had a lovely day and am now back home all tucked up with a cup of tea and watching Being Erica. 
I was going to post my haul from today but i'll save it for another post 2moro.

Hope everyone is well and not struck down with a snotty cold!! xx

Friday, 7 October 2011

 Hello hello, i am back!! Back to blogging and back to my lovely adopted home town, Berlin!!

This is my new view. Gorgeous no? All the leaves are changing and the air is getting crisp. It's still warm enough to leave the house without a coat, long sleeves maybe, no layers yet. Not like all these mental Berliners, i've never seen a population wear so many layers in such a great heat! Winter i can understand, it gets pretty nippy here, but summer? Granted, it is the end of summer now, however i saw people wearing a myriad of layers a few months ago. Crazy.

I've been out exploring the 'new area' and have discovered that it's not very new at all. I know where everything is, i know where to find certain shops, buildings, tram stops etc. It's basically where i want to live. We're sandwiched between a deli (geddit geddit!) and an amazing cocktail bar. Drinks are super cheap, way cheaper than i've seen here. They don't use measures, just bung everything in. The floor is not a floor, it is sand. Yes, the bar is a beach inside. Finally, and most importantly i think, they bring you complimentary pretzel sticks. Woo :) Oh yeh, and did i mention it's right next door?!

Dave Hause, Joe Ginsberg (bass), Jon Gaunt (fiddle),  Brian Fallon, Chuck Ragan and Dan Andriano.

After arriving late Tuesday night, and cleaning the flat all of Wednesday, on Thursday we went to a gig, the Revival tour. What a show. They were all amazing, can't fault anything, felt the music in my heart and that's all that mattered. Dave Hause really blew me away though, his little 'set' was too good. Chucks harmonica playing was insane. Brian Fallon can do things with his voice that do things to my soul, no joke. That boy can SING! 

Highlight of my night was watching this guy. Joe Ginsberg. I can say no more. Whenever i hear a stand up bass it just gets me. He really knows how to play his bass.

Swooning over! A little sneak peak of our lovely new accommodation for the next 3 months. It's dead nice and spacious, lots of room for our (my) crap.

The t.v corner. The best corner! We watched the new Office this week. I nearly fell off the couch from laughing. So good. I think Steve Carrell leaving has really given it a bit of an injection that it needed. I love Michael Scott, but he made a good decision leaving. Robert California is pretty awesome.
I foresee lots of hilarious new storylines. 

Also, watching The New Girl with Zooey Deschanel (huge crush.)
It's worth a watch if you can. If you are a bit of a girl nerd, you will totally relate to Jess.

I shall end with a sexy photo of my round face. Popped into c&a, yes, i am THAT cool, for a bag and i found a studded bucket bag, yay, and a little bobble hat, should have been €41 but i got it for €25. 
Here i am doing a victory pose in my new hat.

Much love all, coming up this week.....

> catching up with more american tv
> gig tonight, Red City Radio, plus a trip to Burgermeister
> eating out somewhere yet to be decided
> a trip into Lush to get some bath bombs because i now have a bath again!!

Peas xx

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