About Me

I am Michelle, you can call me Shell though.
Michelle reminds me of primary school and being told off a lot!

Some things you might like to know if you're thinking about friending me...

> i was born in germany, moved to warrington, then moved to berlin
> yes i can speak german :)
> i am currently working on releasing an illustration book
> you can find examples of my stuff on my website
> i love reading!
> disney films are amazing and i am belle.
> i am a space nerd, spaaaace!
> i like to think i'm funny, but am constantly assured i am not, haters.
> jim carrey is my ideal man
> brody dalle is my dream woman
> i love to bake cakes, soft pretzels, and bread
> arrietty is my favourite studio ghibli film because i love anything to do with borrowers
> i love punk music, soul music, and folk music
> if i could live in a library, i would.
> i am a terrible girl, i hate wearing dresses, and i rarely wear make up
> i don't drink or smoke, that doesn't make me boring people, i just don't like it!!
> i am a dog person
> i take a lot of pictures of food i make 
> i watch ice hockey and the bruins are my team
> the smell of books is delicious
> i have a boyfriend and we've been together 10 years
> i love photography and collect cameras
> i have many tattoos 
> i am 27 and still don't know what i want to do with my life
> i am very lucky that i have a wonderful family, and extended family, who make it possible for me to mosey through life trying to figure it all out
> and finally, i suffer from depression, anxiety, and extreme social awkwardness, but i'm ok

 I hope you guys enjoy my blog, and stick around to say hello from time to time!
I tend to think that the world a very big, very scary space, where terrible things happen
from time to time.
But i know that there a kind, friendly, like minded people 
who make every day a little better simply by being themselves 
and being good people. 

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