Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Mistletoe and wine!

After waiting for what felt like a year, (groan), December is finally here!! 

We decided to decorate the flat for our last 2 weeks in Berlin so we could get into the christmas spirit. 
For weeks i have been collecting little decorations, making felt gingerbread men, drawing up floor plans, and making pom poms.
We bought the She&Him christmas album and Elvis' christmas album, both on vinyl, to celebrate the night and what a night it was!

I made my own easy mincemeat and mincemeat pinwheels. It was super easy. I mixed sultanas, raisins, and apples with mixed peel, nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar. Coated it all in a Bacardi Oakheart bath, (i urge you to try this delicious drink!) and mixed it all together. 
Bought my roll out pastry. I know it's lazy, but i am terrible at making pastry, i can't even tell you! 
Brush butter on the pastry, sprinkle on some sugar, add the mincemeat, roll up, and slice......

Pop them in the oven for 10 minutes and add a dusting of icing sugar and tadaa! Lovely tasty and a very easy alternative to mince pies.....less bloating too :-D

I put together a small deccy night buffet for us. 

Then we got to decorating <3 Yay!

Little christmas bells and the reindeer candle holder.

This is my favourite spot in the flat, my handmade pom pom garland, our fake wooden xmas tree, and the gorgeous smelling pine wreath. 

It's not xmas without annoying multi-coloured lights!

This is from the weekend, i made pizza for us. The only thing i didn't do was make the dough lol, i told you i am rubbish at pastry, dough is no different!! 

Here i am looking horribly 'suggestive' with a brattie. Hah! We went to our local christmas market and dipped into the mulled wine supplies, bbq'd meats, and toasty waffles. 

Then yesterday i went to the mall to pick up some last minute presents. I was also on the lookout for a "nice" top i can wear around xmas/on xmas day. I found one in h&m but it was €25 and it was just a top, lol, a plain black top. Couldn't justify spending that amount. I'm poor.

In 5 sleeps my sister gets to Berlin to celebrate her birthday and i cannot wait! I've bought her lots of lovely little treats that i am super excited to give her. 

I have also been shredding my ass off thanks to the 30 day shred. I think i'm losing inches, but no weight yet. I have however discovered that the implant i had fitted in 09 causes many women to rapidly put on weight then have trouble shifting it so i'm thinking of having it removed. 
Not to lose weight, it's done other things to my body that i don't like, but just the fact that this thing is putting hormones in me has finally started to freak me out...

Has anyone else experienced any problems with Implanon? Any alternatives you can suggest??

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