Sunday, 31 July 2011

Harry Potteeeeeeer!

Happy Sunday!!

I write to you from under a blanket on a rainy, rainy Sunday afternoon. It's so miserable here! But it's ok, i love being inside and warm and dry when it's grey and wet outside!

Heading out to see Haz Pot!

Much different to last week. Last week we went to see Harry Potter and it was way exciting. I made us some cheese sammiches and we had to ride the Ubahn about 11 stops to get to our destination. We bought our tickets, €25!! For TWO 3d tickets. Shocker. Then sat outside to waste some time while we ate our dinner. Lots of birds hopped over so obvs i threw them some crumbs :) I am the bird lady for sure!

My bird friends

We then went in and bought some popcorn. Good god i have never seen popcorn like it. So much popcorn and Pepsi. Couldn't get my hand around the cup, it wouldn't even fit in the drink pocket!!
Big old fashioned cinema, the seats were huge, and there were even couches!
I thought we should have booked online, totally forgot we were in Germany and watching an English film!
There were about 20 people max!

The first half of the film was promising. Then the 2nd half started. Oh god, absolute dirge. Now i LOVE harry potter, the books are ones i can, and do, repeatedly read. But the films are just rubbish! They leave so much out, and there's so much pointless stuff that doesn't relate to the story, but as long as it looks good on camera, then that's fine. I felt like everyone else had like, one line, then it was just Harry mooching around. Boring!! Not enough heart in the films i don't think. Where was Fred & George?!


We stopped for fish and chips on the way home, delicious!!

On another note, i've been using my african black soap for a week now, my skin is possibly worse than when i started. I'm hoping it's just drawing the bad stuff out first, then will start i said, i'm hoping!

We're getting visitors this week. The boy's parents are coming on Wednesday, it's very exciting. Then only 2 weeks till we go home and i get to see my dog again :D oh....and my family!

To finish off, i made an alphabet and a friend from school saw it and asked to use it, she gave me some money so i went and raped E.L.F with their 50% off code for some presents for my sister :) Looking forward to getting my nice big package at home!!!

Home-made carnitas with home-made corn tortillas! We totally found the elusive corn flour, amaze :)

Well, shall leave you all to it, hope you enjoyed your weekends and yours weren't as rainy as mine!!??

Peas xxxxx

Ps-will post alphabet photos later this week, i am proud :D

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Can't find the words.

This week has been a week of tragedies.

So many things have happened in the world that make my heart ache. The droughts in Africa, the death of another lost celebrity, and the events in Norway.

It's things like this happening that make all my complaining about my bad skin and other stuff seem so trivial. Normal blogging about inane subjects will continue in my next post, but this one is dedicated to everyone who was personally affected by all of the goings on this past few weeks.

My soul hurts that such awful things can happen. It just makes me so sad.


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Come over all weddingy

So at certain points of the year it feels like everyone is getting engaged or married, and this time of year is definitely one of those months!

I used to scoff at weddings a bit, i've never really seen a nice one, one that inspires me to start planning my own imaginary wedding in my head. Until i discovered the incredible amount of wedding blogs online! Looking at these real people's weddings makes me come over all funny. The beauty of getting your family and friends involved in a home made, hand made, d.i.y wedding. The wild flowers made into bunches the night before, the bunting, the paper lanterns and flowers, the bright colours, the food! The tiny mini-versions of fish and chips, meat feast bbq's, cakes! Oh yes, cakes, not a cake, a selection. The desert table, yum.

There's that sense of community that i feel people have lost. Everyone chipping in to make this one day that extra bit special. That's the exciting thing about weddings. Nothing can 'go wrong' on your wedding day. Because the only important thing happening is you and him, joining as one, officially.

See what i mean, i have turned into a romance seeking fool!!

I have even started looking at all things weddingy.

I came across a site that i fell in love with at first glance. Artemis and Nao are the most beautiful couple i have ever come across. With their matching sheds, and little home grown veggies, and, most importantly, their jewelry business Rust. The necklaces are so pretty. But the things that catch my magpie eye are the rings.

Oh the rings!!

Lookit how pretty! I adore the left and middle rings on the 2nd row *swoon*

I have totally fallen in love with the floral carved rings. I never knew a ring could be so beautiful. They're so intricately made, and the fact that they're carved from hand makes them that little bit more magical.

So yes, apologies for my awkward wedding post, there's just something in the air at the minute!

Sending lots of love out today xxx

A more regular post will follow in a few days!

i pinched the picture from the Rust website......hope that's ok?!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Finally fixed!!

Woohoo! After 3 FAILED attempts at uploading pictures and writing this post, it is finally working!! So, hello, and let's get to it! I have mega exciting things to report!

So, nothing much has been happening over here at the minute. I read all of the books in George R.R. Martin's Ice and Fire series in 3 weeks, then pre-ordered the new one to arrive on the didn't. Was soooo annoyed! It finally showed up 3 days AFTER it's release, what's the point?! I could've gone out and bought it myself at midnight! I should have just gone out to by it myself, stupid online store offering pre-ordering of books. Terrible service, also, a few of my fellow geek friends had this problem also. We shook our fists at the turribleness of it all *shakes fist*.

Was so worked up over this book that we decided to go out for lunch. Well, that was the plan. We left the flat at about 3 so it was way too late for a luncheon. Then in the cafe we went to i couldn't really find anything i fancied, until i stumbled across the strĂ¼del section of the menu! We decided on apple strĂ¼del, expecting a generous piece of cake with a bit of cream.....then this beast showed up......

I'm not sure how well you can see it BUT on the plate is a giant scoop of some sort of raspberry ripple ice cream, a dollop of whipped cream, weird crumb things, and that cold custard tasting sauce. It was insane. Felt so sick after. Oh, and then i got pooed on by a bird. It went in my hair!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew, so gross. I had to get it out in the bathroom with tissue and, lucky for me no-one came in while i was de-pooing, else they would have seen me jumping around the bathroom like one of the tree folk people from Zelda trying to avoid touching my poo hair.

After this though we walked to the flea market and i got to buy a bag that i'd had my eye on for a while, well, maybe a week lol. It's amazing though, huge, and this grey denim sort of material. So nice, it's really boyish though, a rucksack. Makes me feel proper German.

So, onto the amazing news!! This is me, i was heading out to deep clean a flat. In like 30 degree heat. Last week i'd been shopping and found this....

Eye shadow base, a primer i think. It stinks like chlorine, but it is the most amazing product i have EVER, like EVEEEERRRR, come across. Ever. I go to a lot of gigs, mainly punk, so one can expect to get quite hot and sweaty. I always go to the toilet inbetween bands and my eye make up has, inevitably, creased like a bitch at the top of my eye lid. I just look a sweaty eye make up'ed mess.
I have heard about eye shadow primer before, but i never believed it would work. I'm quite sceptical when it comes to products promising me things. But, this little pot was less than €2, so i thought, why not. Take it home and i wear it that night to an office warming party me and the boyf went to. My eye shadow stayed put, but i assumed this was because i didn't really move around a lot. So i brushed off my eye shadow base victory as a fluke. Until.......

This is a shot of my eye make up AFTER walking to the flat in 30-odd degree heat, which takes about half an hour/forty minutes. I then deep cleaned the flat, including hoovering, sweeping, and mopping a roughly 75sqm floor. Walked home feeling knackered. When i got in i checked my eye shadow and surely enough (don't call me shirley), there it was, exactly like it was when i first applied it about 5 hours earlier.


How have i gone so long without this little pot of treasure?! So, it's quite a big pot and will last me a while i think, but i want to try some other brands. This is the only one i've seen in Berlin, but i'm going home in a month so will scout out some others and find the ultimate eye shadow primer. So excited! I realise many people already know about this but like i said, cynic.

Now all i need is to find a decent, light foundation that evens my skin tone, and doesn't feel like it's just sitting on my face!

I also ordered some African black soap after reading some amazing reviews. I have pretty bad skin, i don't think it's acne, but sometimes it feels like it. So, after a particularly bad flare up this week i bit the bullet and ordered this miracle soap. I will keep y'alls updated as to how good it actually is. Must remember to take a 'before' photo of my hideous skin!

I did some illustrations this week but they need editing, so hopefully will have some drawings up soon :)

Peas out xxx

Friday, 8 July 2011


Just a quick one to say i am still alive, still mooching around, just being super lazy and sleepy!!

I promise to upload some photos from my shopping trip last week and review my new eye shadow base! I've never used something like this before so it's way exciting :D

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