Monday, 12 May 2014

april in a day // hauls and things

hello hello hello,
are we all excited for rupauls drag race tonight?
but it's the final!!
i'm rooting for adore but i think bianca will take the crown.
they both super deserve it.

i took a bunch of photos in a new location the other day...
my desk!
it's so white
[well, it's proper dirty, i'm not so tidy]
and it's so blank and plain.
perfect for some fancy photography right?

i grabbed a bunch of stuff i've been meaning to show you for a while.
all of the things i ordered are from april, may,
possibly some even came in march!?

there's a shit ton more,
but can't spoil the treats all in one go right?!

just my everyday cereal and morning read.
a good way to start the day.

i found some new sweet and sour haribos.
when i say sour,
they're proper lemon zest sour.
but then you get the sweet one and it's such a relief.
these are tasty little beasts.

thanks to michelle from satchels & pearls
for being able to part with this little beauty!

my gorgeous wild thing from amy.
i am so in love with him

so we got ourselves another one each and they both had bart in.
anyone want to trade?!?!?!?

also, we watched the lego simpsons episode last night,
it was really good,
reminded me of community.

a selection of some of my favourite comics, books, and zines.
i will share these one day,
if anyone is interested?
meh, even if not it's gonna happen!

by the amazingly talented nicola rowlands
i love everything she does.

my amazing new wanda patch.

i was on lily's etsy page and couldn't decide what to choose,
then i noticed she had a 'treat yourself' gift pack 
[for the fellow undecided]
and i was so easily convinced.
i picked the 'tough babes' option and was so so happy.
it was the most gorgeously wrapped package!
you know something's gonna be good when you can't even bear to 
tear the packaging!

 my mum sent me a package with easter treats,
included were some old diaries.
oh my glob THE CRINGE.

here's a small example of the sheer embarrassment.
i couldn't resist that noodle head.

ah midge.
i love this girl and everything she stands for!

i picked up a couple of bits from the ladybird likes facebook sale.

drop dead had a sale too.
i got a jumper.

[oh dear i got a lot of stuff this past couple of months,
i don't know how you guys can do spending bans,
y'alls have way more willpower than me!]

let's be honest though,
 i was WAY more excited about the car air freshener.
can't wait to have a car again.
[really don't need one in berlin]

this is me.
i swear it, every damn beachy time.

i fell in love with this babes work ages ago.
came across some drawings on tumblr.
remember the drawing of the 2 dogs?
one of them is trying to start a nice conversation and the other just screams
lol lol lol

anyway, i never realised she was berlin based!
found her and her stall at the comic invasion in april and got some bits.
i wanted to say hello and talk but i'm so shy.

i really feel like i met my people at the berlin comic invasion.

my ipad case! 
i got it off ebay where it cost a mere £5.
it's so good i love it.
i was in the apple store recently and OMG 
for an official case they wanted €40.
it didn't even have a back!
just a magnet that attached to the side of the tablet.

i'm building up my sticker collection.
i was so into stickers as a kid, i had them on everything.
but i got told it was ruining stuff and why not keep things clean,
so i did. i fell out with stickers.


but i'm back on track now!
hell i'm even making my own stickers!!

the stickers on the case include nicola rowlands, 
gemma flack,
bold as brass
[where lovely rachel baldwin works]
a wilhelm scream,
and my own.

my boyfriend and i like to doodle on our calendars,
we do this purely for the memories.
anything funny that happened or was cooked, 
onto the calendar it goes. 

wait til you see may.
it's looking excellent so far.

i ordered myself some tags for my new dolls.
they cost me no more than £3.
they're just labels that you sew into clothes,
but i'm going to be folding them in half and sewing them into my dolls.
probably their butts.

so, every now and then in the euro store a real treat pops up.
and i'm not talking about €1 washing baskets
[best buy ever.]
this month i found these cutesy heart tubs.
they're not massive.
so far i've been using them as sticker holders and water pots.

lookit how cute they are!

*linda belcher voice* aaaaw, lil babies!!

my sister enjoys taking photos where you blow through your lips,
like blowing a raspberry but no tongues.
i don't think it's that hilarious but if it makes her laugh hey,
what can you do!?

in april i opened my shop and i feel as though i've already improved massively.
it's not easy, but i'm getting there.
i've sold a few dolls,
i had to say bye to my beautiful frida kahlo doll, 
and i've had orders go to america and sweden!
it's all very exciting.

lately i've been making sticker packs.
i have an all purpose everyday occasion pack,
and a girl gang pack.
i'm currently working on animal kingdoms,
blogging essentials,
and other secret treats.

the most time consuming thing is sending out constant emails,
whether i'm introducing myself and my stuff,
submitting to online magazines,
offering freebies,
or even asking for help.
not hearing back from ANYONE is the hardest.

i don't understand how people don't have the time to reply?
it really affects my confidence.
i'll save that for another time though!

hope everyone enjoyed april as much as i did?
i know we're halfway through may now,
i'm always late though, 
don't hate!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

happy happy easter catch up!!

i went through all of my photos and resized them 
i always feel smart when i fix a problem
lol, it was a stupid problem!

so these photos are from the first 2 weeks or so of april... 

we were at the mall one day and found this beast,
we thought it looked like a giant hot cross bun so we bought it with fingers crossed
€3,50 >> wasn't a bad price either 

hot hot hot cross bun slice!
i'm pretty sure we scoffed the lot in a weekend
no regrets
no shame

pasta pesto, chicken and bacon
the pasta is wild garlic

japanese curry
sounds bizarre i know, but it's tasty as

so cuuuute!
he was just hanging out of the window for ages
on our way back down the street he'd jumped out and took himself for a walk
dogs in berlin are amazing,
they're so obedient and utterly adore their owners,
they don't even look at other people!

pretend it's a scene from the walking dead
walkers ahead beware!!

mmm, nothing scary about this.
a kiwi scoop and a cherry

the most popular building on our street.
i can see this from our front window and the amount of people that stop to take a picture...
i should charge
you know,
for art.

i got a new half circle cake tin and wanted to use it
there was too much batter though so the cake turned out round
tasted good though

we've been spending our late afternoons in mauerpark
beer and people watching in the sun before tea.

this place gets crazy busy.

i always regret putting mustard and ketchup on them
i like plain food lol

chicken burgers and coleslaw

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Happy one monthiversary

morning all
i'm currently sat on my sofa 
[which i've pulled out so it's a bed~lazy]
i'm in my pj's and my boyfriend is listening to some rubbish
[i think it's opeth *blows raspberry*]

i'm gearing myself up to go for a run.
it's hard!
last night, last minute might i add,
we decided to go to fauximages and listen to a few designers
speak about their work.
it was a good night,
pretty inspiring, but it was a late night.
so now i'm pooped.
and i don't want to run.

[i will run, it'll wake me i get to listen to eminem]

tonight i have the flat to myself for a couple of hours!
the grand plan is to catch up on some shows,
rupaul's drag race
faking it
once upon a time.

i seriously recommend awkward
it's an mtv show
about a girl in high school who like this guy,
sounds pretty generic right?
and i don't even know how to describe it,
apart from it's really funny and i love it so watch it lol.

i'm going back to england in a week, 
which is super exciting
bcos my parents are away so i can just 

i'm thinking about taking the camera but seriously though
all i'm going to be doing is gorging myself on UK crisps from m&s
and chasing my dog taking the same photo.
she just doesn't give me face.

i got around to making some sticker packs for my shop
they're really fun and super cute,
i'm SO happy with them!

speaking of which, 
my shop has been open for an entire month!
i'm so proud of myself
[don't be a hater]
that i'm offering FREE SHIPPING for an entire week.
i know right.
so use the code GIMME at checkout and you'll get your treats delivered for free

here's the link

sticker packs from £2, illustrations from £4.50, 
dolls are £20
i even have a couple of cards for £2
so many goodies!!

ok, enough blabbering
i definitely need to run now
it's going to hurt :(

Monday, 5 May 2014

as april rushes by, is may almost over?

Hi hi hi!!
April zoomed by didn't it?
What the hell 2014, 
why are you in such a hurry to be over?!

I got up to a fair bit of stuff in April,
i opened my etsy shop,
i started running again after a 3 month break,
[hallelujah---oh my, spelt that right 1st try]
failed at marketing myself,
i ate lots of delicious food, as always.

Let's see, 
i watched some awesome movies.
Blue is the warmest colour.

oof look at her, i want to kiss her.

i mean, it's just beautiful,
the story,
the characters,
the actresses,
the sadness.
such a gorgeous film, i fully enjoyed it.
if you like those 'real life' films where not much really happens,
it just feels as though someone's telling you about their relationship,
then i think you'll really like this.
think blue valentine, take this waltz, drinking buddies.
it's french and subtitled,
and there's lots of shots of adele eating.

april was my 'become obsessed with wes anderson again' month.
i watched the fantastic mr fox after swearing to never watch it
[i just don't like the story *shrugs*]
and now declare it the best stop motion animation i've seen.
it's brilliant. beautifully shot.

what else...
ghost world
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
young adult
holes [lols]
lost in translation
it's been a good film month!

i read the divergent series.
i've had it on my kindle for a good year now, maybe more, 
i just never felt in the mood to read it.
if you're dithering about it like i was i have only one thing to say,
i devoured the entire series in a week. 
i stayed up until i couldn't open my eyes anymore
to get as many words read as i could before sleep beckoned.
it kind of reminded me of the uglies series by scott westerfield, 
but it really is a good trilogy.
loved it.

would anyone be up for a trilogy swap??
i offer the uglies series.
which i have just discovered is in actual fact a quartet...
i have not read extras...

do you ever get sad after you've read a book and wish 
and wish you hadn't read it,
just to go back and read it all again with fresh eyes?

OH i found out trudi canavan has a new book out in may
i've been reading her for years, 
she's one of my favourites.
i picked up the age of the five trilogy for £1 at a car boot
after losing my copies.
happy shell!!

i'm toying with the idea of rereading dance with dragons,
but i'm not sure.
i have so so many books on the kindle that i downloaded ages ago.
frances hardinge,
gemma burgess,
rainbow rowell,
emmeline pankhurst,
uuugh how to choose where to start?!

i bought some nail varnish, 
put it on, 
and remembered i don't like to wear nail varnish lol.
i'm going to try and make some nail art transfers,
i have the paper, 
i think i have the designs, 
just need to give it a go!

ooh april i bought a lot of post birthday [lol] zines and prints.
i'll take some photos and might start doing a zine a week post.
lovely josie from hello possum does a zine
feature which i LOVE to read!

some friends from DAHN SAAHF [london]
were in berlin so we met up.
we went to the bird because how could you not?
any excuse people, any excuse.
we grabbed some beers and ciders from the flat after our meal and went
to mauerpark and sat in the sun drinking and talking.
the weather recently has been beautiful.
early summer?
yes please!!

to end the month 
[literally the last day of the month]
we went to see lucero play at postbahnhof.
they were so good,
the pianist was out of this world good.
the only problem was the gig fell on a holiday so ended at half 10
or something RIDICULOUS.
we were home by 11 aaah old age.

and finally i've just been working super hard on shop stuff.
designing new prints and cards,
editing shop images,
making sticker packs,
emailing emailing emailing,
growing my not at all scary & hairy girl gang.
i can't wait to show you guys!

i'm going to edit my photos from the month and hopefully 
they'll load a little faster this time!
next post may be slightly picture heavy...

sorry it's been so long xx

**listening to rancid-...and out come the wolves**

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