Monday, 5 May 2014

as april rushes by, is may almost over?

Hi hi hi!!
April zoomed by didn't it?
What the hell 2014, 
why are you in such a hurry to be over?!

I got up to a fair bit of stuff in April,
i opened my etsy shop,
i started running again after a 3 month break,
[hallelujah---oh my, spelt that right 1st try]
failed at marketing myself,
i ate lots of delicious food, as always.

Let's see, 
i watched some awesome movies.
Blue is the warmest colour.

oof look at her, i want to kiss her.

i mean, it's just beautiful,
the story,
the characters,
the actresses,
the sadness.
such a gorgeous film, i fully enjoyed it.
if you like those 'real life' films where not much really happens,
it just feels as though someone's telling you about their relationship,
then i think you'll really like this.
think blue valentine, take this waltz, drinking buddies.
it's french and subtitled,
and there's lots of shots of adele eating.

april was my 'become obsessed with wes anderson again' month.
i watched the fantastic mr fox after swearing to never watch it
[i just don't like the story *shrugs*]
and now declare it the best stop motion animation i've seen.
it's brilliant. beautifully shot.

what else...
ghost world
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
young adult
holes [lols]
lost in translation
it's been a good film month!

i read the divergent series.
i've had it on my kindle for a good year now, maybe more, 
i just never felt in the mood to read it.
if you're dithering about it like i was i have only one thing to say,
i devoured the entire series in a week. 
i stayed up until i couldn't open my eyes anymore
to get as many words read as i could before sleep beckoned.
it kind of reminded me of the uglies series by scott westerfield, 
but it really is a good trilogy.
loved it.

would anyone be up for a trilogy swap??
i offer the uglies series.
which i have just discovered is in actual fact a quartet...
i have not read extras...

do you ever get sad after you've read a book and wish 
and wish you hadn't read it,
just to go back and read it all again with fresh eyes?

OH i found out trudi canavan has a new book out in may
i've been reading her for years, 
she's one of my favourites.
i picked up the age of the five trilogy for £1 at a car boot
after losing my copies.
happy shell!!

i'm toying with the idea of rereading dance with dragons,
but i'm not sure.
i have so so many books on the kindle that i downloaded ages ago.
frances hardinge,
gemma burgess,
rainbow rowell,
emmeline pankhurst,
uuugh how to choose where to start?!

i bought some nail varnish, 
put it on, 
and remembered i don't like to wear nail varnish lol.
i'm going to try and make some nail art transfers,
i have the paper, 
i think i have the designs, 
just need to give it a go!

ooh april i bought a lot of post birthday [lol] zines and prints.
i'll take some photos and might start doing a zine a week post.
lovely josie from hello possum does a zine
feature which i LOVE to read!

some friends from DAHN SAAHF [london]
were in berlin so we met up.
we went to the bird because how could you not?
any excuse people, any excuse.
we grabbed some beers and ciders from the flat after our meal and went
to mauerpark and sat in the sun drinking and talking.
the weather recently has been beautiful.
early summer?
yes please!!

to end the month 
[literally the last day of the month]
we went to see lucero play at postbahnhof.
they were so good,
the pianist was out of this world good.
the only problem was the gig fell on a holiday so ended at half 10
or something RIDICULOUS.
we were home by 11 aaah old age.

and finally i've just been working super hard on shop stuff.
designing new prints and cards,
editing shop images,
making sticker packs,
emailing emailing emailing,
growing my not at all scary & hairy girl gang.
i can't wait to show you guys!

i'm going to edit my photos from the month and hopefully 
they'll load a little faster this time!
next post may be slightly picture heavy...

sorry it's been so long xx

**listening to rancid-...and out come the wolves**


  1. I've heard mixed things about Divergent but haven't gotten round to reading it. I think you should read the Daughter of Bone Trilogy if you haven't. Some of the best books I've ever read. I am loving the pizza card and your film choices are just awesome! x

    1. oooh daughter of bone, i haven't even heard of that let alone read it! thought you might have good ideas for what to read :) we should start a book club!! x

    2. YES! Oh yes we so should! x


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