Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Happy one monthiversary

morning all
i'm currently sat on my sofa 
[which i've pulled out so it's a bed~lazy]
i'm in my pj's and my boyfriend is listening to some rubbish
[i think it's opeth *blows raspberry*]

i'm gearing myself up to go for a run.
it's hard!
last night, last minute might i add,
we decided to go to fauximages and listen to a few designers
speak about their work.
it was a good night,
pretty inspiring, but it was a late night.
so now i'm pooped.
and i don't want to run.

[i will run, it'll wake me i get to listen to eminem]

tonight i have the flat to myself for a couple of hours!
the grand plan is to catch up on some shows,
rupaul's drag race
faking it
once upon a time.

i seriously recommend awkward
it's an mtv show
about a girl in high school who like this guy,
sounds pretty generic right?
and i don't even know how to describe it,
apart from it's really funny and i love it so watch it lol.

i'm going back to england in a week, 
which is super exciting
bcos my parents are away so i can just 

i'm thinking about taking the camera but seriously though
all i'm going to be doing is gorging myself on UK crisps from m&s
and chasing my dog taking the same photo.
she just doesn't give me face.

i got around to making some sticker packs for my shop
they're really fun and super cute,
i'm SO happy with them!

speaking of which, 
my shop has been open for an entire month!
i'm so proud of myself
[don't be a hater]
that i'm offering FREE SHIPPING for an entire week.
i know right.
so use the code GIMME at checkout and you'll get your treats delivered for free

here's the link

sticker packs from £2, illustrations from £4.50, 
dolls are £20
i even have a couple of cards for £2
so many goodies!!

ok, enough blabbering
i definitely need to run now
it's going to hurt :(

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