Thursday, 8 May 2014

happy happy easter catch up!!

i went through all of my photos and resized them 
i always feel smart when i fix a problem
lol, it was a stupid problem!

so these photos are from the first 2 weeks or so of april... 

we were at the mall one day and found this beast,
we thought it looked like a giant hot cross bun so we bought it with fingers crossed
€3,50 >> wasn't a bad price either 

hot hot hot cross bun slice!
i'm pretty sure we scoffed the lot in a weekend
no regrets
no shame

pasta pesto, chicken and bacon
the pasta is wild garlic

japanese curry
sounds bizarre i know, but it's tasty as

so cuuuute!
he was just hanging out of the window for ages
on our way back down the street he'd jumped out and took himself for a walk
dogs in berlin are amazing,
they're so obedient and utterly adore their owners,
they don't even look at other people!

pretend it's a scene from the walking dead
walkers ahead beware!!

mmm, nothing scary about this.
a kiwi scoop and a cherry

the most popular building on our street.
i can see this from our front window and the amount of people that stop to take a picture...
i should charge
you know,
for art.

i got a new half circle cake tin and wanted to use it
there was too much batter though so the cake turned out round
tasted good though

we've been spending our late afternoons in mauerpark
beer and people watching in the sun before tea.

this place gets crazy busy.

i always regret putting mustard and ketchup on them
i like plain food lol

chicken burgers and coleslaw


  1. I've never tried kiwi before. Is it a good thing or bad? All that food is just so yummy looking, come and cook for me please? x

    1. it's not a bad thing! my oma used to eat a lot of kiwis and i think zee germans love them so they were around a lot when i was a kid bf had tiramisu ice cream and i was so jealous! so after trying his i was like *bleugh* this is turd >.> also...he is the chef, maybe i'll start renting him out! x

  2. Why are there so many people at the park?!


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