Friday, 28 June 2013

Thinking ahead

So i've been thinking a lot about my future recently.
I know i definitely want to illustrate.
I also want to take pictures.

I was thinking about self promotion and putting myself out there and oh jeez am i bad at it.
Firstly, i'm an introvert.
I'm shy.
I have social anxiety.
I could go on, 
but i don't want anyone to feel sorry for me...

I'm in the process of putting together a book of my illustrations.
Inspired by David Shrigley, 
Gemma Correll,
and my absolute favourite person,
Laura Dockrill. 
It's a collection of my thoughts,
conversations i have overheard,
characters i've created, 
and a general mish mash of everything my brain tries to contain.

This may be defeating the object,
but i made a tumblr with my illustrations and photos.
You should still think of buying the book when it comes out,
because really,
what's more exciting than a new book?!

So yeh, check them out,
and i hope you enjoy what i have to say,
artistically speaking of course.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Visiting the pet shop

So i discovered a little secret the other day...
Warrington market has a pet shop!
Calm your boots though, there were no dogs or cats.
Just parrots, birds, and reptiles.

Also...on the way out i noticed live grasshoppers and worms.
So gross.

The guys in the shop just gave me face, face face.
Then my camera died.

The african grey was my favourite.
My granddad used to have one.
He'd sing the Cops theme tune, and 'How much is that doggy'.
Parrots, so weird. 
How do they talk and remember?!
Don't think about it too much, you'll lose a day.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Analog #4

Some more from a trip into Lymm.
The photo of the bunch of flowers in the canal is my favourite.
I imagined a guy giving them to his scorned lover, who then beat him with them, and tossed them nonchalantly into the dark waters.

Ah, stories. 

The house boats were beautiful.
There was one for sale for £40,000.
I don't know if that's a good deal or not, but i wanted in!

Another couple of favourites, 
'For thirsty dogs' sign, 
and the video sign in the charity shop.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tattoo Tuesday!

When it comes to tattoos i have a wish list as long as my arm.
It usually takes me weeks to decide on a design.
I know what i want, 
but making the choice is difficult.
Where should i get it, 
how big do i want it,
who do i want to do it etc etc.

Every so often though i get a flash of inspiration and i can decide my next tattoo in a day.

When i knew i was coming home i decided i wanted a new tattoo.
I had some money in my bank, 
why not.
Once the thought is there, it's hard to 'un-decide'!

I was sitting thinking about things i like.
All of a sudden it came to me...

I wanted a really simple illustration of a camera on my arm...
only problem,
i already had a small tattoo there from a few years ago.
Now, i like this tattoo.
I was never intending to get a big tattoo on my right arm,
because my left arm has a semi sleeve.
But i really loved this camera idea and i wanted to be able to see it.
So the small one had to be sacrificed.


It's ok though, can easily be put somewhere else.
I booked my appointment with an amazing upcoming female artist who has tattooed quite a few people i know.
Cherub at Skin Kandi in St.Helens. 
We had a pretty intense 5 hour session geeking out about many things including,
the song of ice and fire series,
the amazing talent that is Rachel Baldwin,
and Despicable Me.

It turned out a little different to how i initially imagined it,
because the old tattoo had to be covered properly,
but i am so in love with my new piece!

The placement of my old tattoo.
So awkward!
It's a Kate Nash song if you're wondering.

Plotting the cover up.
This was after the outline was finished.
14needle needle.
I'm really good with pain and tattoos but with being ill,
and having had 3 hours sleep due to my disastrous journey home the night before,
it was not a good day for me!

The beauty that is my new tattoo :)

It's healing at the minute.
Starting to crack in a few places because it's on my right arm,
that i use all of the time.
So annoying but hey, it's getting there.

Luckily i'm on anti-biotics for my sinuses so i think that's helping the healing!

Think i might make tattoo tuesday a regular feature,
show you guys a different tattoo each week and the story behind it...
if it has a story!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday summary

I'm back in England wahoo!
It was a drama getting here though.

34degrees in Berlin when i left on Wednesday.
No air.
Very, very, warm.

Get to the airport at 7pm for my 9:35pm flight.
"expected 01:55".

I was stranded in Schönefeld airport til half 1 in the morning.
It was boring, to say the least.
I was flying alone too.
I admit i had a little cry when i first found out.
I put it down to stress and heat.
In the end though i got through it. 

The flight was pretty amazing.
I had a whole two rows at the back to myself.
After we ascended we flew past a couple of pretty intense storms.
I've neve seen lightening from above and i have to say, 
it was incredible.

Now, i don't know if it was because i had just sat in the airport for 6 and a half hours, 
but the flight went really fast.
I wasn't as nervous as i normally get,
despite the worst turbulence i've ever experienced!

I've never flown so early in the morning before and i witnessed another cool sight.
If i looked out of the left window the sky was black,
and the moon was huge 
[supermoon tonight!]
and really yellow and bright.
Then looking out of the right window the sun was starting to rise in a beautiful blue sky.
I tried to get photos, but they were rubbish!
It was bizarre,
but so amazing to see.
Anyone else witnessed this or lightening on a plane??
So cool right?!

1. Packing  2. Food vouchers  3. Waiting  4. Expected  5. The famous 'holding pen' in Schönefeld
6. Sunrise in time for bed  7. Welcome home!  8. First shopping trip lols
9. Party  10. Meat mmm  11. Currywurst  12. Boredom cake  13. Poppy

This week i also got a new tattoo.
It's pretty exciting but it deserves it's own post!

I finally got an appointment to see the doctor about my sinuses.
On the day, lo and behold, i felt so much better.
The doctor gave me some antibiotics anyway so i've been on them 24 hours now.
No side affects as of yet...

My mum is treating me today to a trip to costco,
who doesn't love going there!!?
Also garden centre, some bargain shops, and tonight....
i'm going to see despicable me 2!!

My sister and her fiance said they wanted to come but,
 after a pretty heavy two nights...
i can see this being a solo trip!!

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