Thursday, 27 February 2014


Here's my life in pictures, 
what i've been up to since i was last here.

Making fresh pasta that bloomed and reminded me of petals.
I always make too much pasta, 
it looks like nothing before it's submersed in water.
Stupid gremlin pasta!

I made some delicious food recently, meatballs...

Fatty pizza....

And a lemon and blueberry loaf.

Found some lollys that i used to buy as a kid.
As an artist, i think they're so sweet.

I did my roots and got rid of the pink, 
am planning on a new colour,
either lilac or a pinky, washed out red.
I haven't decided yet....
love directions tho!

I remembered that i loved olives,
after hating them for a long long long long long long long time.

Got some flowers to spruce up the house and make it feel more like spring,
and less like winter is going to come back!

Speaking of.....
i got back into South Park massively and am super excited for the new game!

I'm going to see Brody Dalle this week [thursday!]
and if you don't know me that well, 
you should know that this chic is my IDOL.
I love her, she inspires me, she is everything.
Her band, The Distillers, are everything.

Look at that set list, i might explode from excitement and anticipation!!

I gave Twin Peaks a try,
but i couldn't deal with the hilarity.
It's too much, i'm sorry.
I can't do it!

Whilst baking i noticed my apron was almost a dress.
I'm so short.

And this is an example of how terrible my OOTD's would be.
I'm wearing a onesie, 
my socks are pulled up over the pants,
and my bear slippers for extra warmth.
I answered the door like this.

I successfully made my first poached egg. 
Ok, i lie, this was my second attempt, first was way overcooked.
Was yummy.

Ok, so i'm coming to realise most of my pictures are of food i've eaten.
And what?!

[RuPauls drag race is back on, fyi, watch it!]

Seriously though guys, this woman. 

I also got mad addicted to this game.
Don't play it if you enjoy games like Sims or Animal Crossing.

Hope you enjoyed :)

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Going full circle.

Born in Germany.
Moved to England.
Moved back to Germany,
moving back to England.

The perfect ratio, 
a circle, 
symmetry of life etc.

I am most definitely not perfect,
 i almost certainly don't have it all figured out. 
Hah! Not even close.
But small things like this symmetry make me happy,
 make me feel as complete as the circle.

In my unintentional break from blogging i seem to have taken a break from taking pictures.
this isn't like me.
I love taking photos of things that i'm drawn to.
When i regularly took time to blog, 
i noticed i took a lot more pictures, 
i took my digital camera everywhere.
When my blog took a backseat, so did my picture taking.

It has made me determined to get back into blogging.

The more pictures i take, the more reason to blog.
I loooove looking at people's photos, 
i enjoy seeing someone else's take on things, 
i like to think that people enjoy looking at what i have to show also.

I still don't know what kind of a blogger i am.
I couldn't even tell you [without looking] when i started this or what my first post was.
I think it was a couple of years ago, in the 2nd flat we had in berlin.
I can guarantee it's cringe inducing though!

I'm not a fashion blogger. 
I can say that with certainty.
Maybe i'll be having a good day once in a while and i'll sneak in an outfit photo,
 but i promise you, that won't happen often! 
I pretty much live in 'comfy' pants and jumpers. 
The photos would get repetitive and boring, trust me!

I'm not a beauty blogger either. 
I tend to buy make up, face wash etc,
take a bunch of photos,
then forget about posting anything bcos i don't wear make up often.

I cringe to call myself a lifestyle blog, 
especially when i look at my life and what i do in a day.
I'm so uncool ha!

I mainly enjoy taking pictures of things that make me smile, 
or that i find funny or interesting, 
and sharing them with you guys,
but i don't like to call myself a photographer!

After much thinking, probably too much lol, 
i think i've found that i like to think of my blog as a [very] edited diary of sorts, 
and who doesn't want to read someone's diary!? 

I don't know what compelled me to write this,
i think i just fancied letting you know where my head's been.

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Blogger app.....

Hey guys!

I've been gone for so long I know, eep!

This is a little tester post, I'm on my iPad currently and don't have access to my laptop.
So this might look a little different to a regular post, but ima try and fill it with lots of distracting photos about what I've been up to in the absence...

So the main big thing was Christmas! I went home to surprise my sister for her birthday and ended up being in the uk for a whole month. It was heaven. 

These are the treats I got for Xmas, felt very lucky. Yep, that is an MP3 player that is just headphones, for when I run, very cool. We also got a joint present, tickets to Rebellion in summer, oh hai NOFX.
I also got my iPad mini from my boyfriend/partner/bestie. That's not 3 people btw, they're all the same guy, we've been together so long now it feels weird saying boyfriend lol.

My sister and her fiancĂ© got me this bitching camera to add to my collection. It's 120 film so I've loaded it up and when the snow clears enough in Berlin to be able to actually go for a walk ill test it out. 

Yep, you heard, or you saw on my twitter/ snowed. It snowed a lot. I know everyone is like "ah yay snow, how pretty, you're such a Scrooge hating it". To which I say NO! You don't know! It's so cold your snot literally freezes in your nose. You can't ride your bike, everyone's walking like Bambi on ice. It's grim. But yes *sighs* it's very pretty.

New year was a quiet one, spent it at my sisters and ate lots of food then watched fireworks then went to bed. I really couldn't care less about New Year's Eve, ugh, it's just another night at the end of another day at some point in your life!!

I went blonde at some point, it all went fine, I didn't burn my hair off this time. But upon getting back to Warrington I needed a change so I went back to pink. I've had every hair colour under the sun. I love pink! 

I made a to do list for 2014 because we decided to move back to the UK at some point so I want to do as much as I can in Berlin before we leave. No more getting lost in depression, no more giving in to my social anxiety. This is an experience I need to savour. 
I'll tell you about the list in a future post.

We got a new game, it's essentially Chinese whispers pictionary. The above collection is my sisters, mine, and a friends 'llama' drawings. We are heavily influenced by the emperors new groove (if you haven't seen it, go watch it now, it's on netflix. That is a command.) Watch out, they spit.

I immersed myself in Parcs and rec, and bobs burgers. 

If anyone knows who the tattoo artist is let me know, because I need them in my life. This piece is a work of art. Ha, slutty Tina is hilarious. 

Ugly picture of my Christmas dinner...

Old squint eye is back....

I make food fun. 

I got really sick and couldn't run :( I need to get back into that but I know it's going to huuuurt! 


Schoenefeld airport train station...first food of 2014 in Berlin.....

...a bretzel! But of course!! One that looks like the honey monster no less.
Not creepy at all. 

Sorted my DVDs and found some old, OLD, favourites. My parents banned me from watching ren & stimpy but drop dead fred was fine.
Yeah. I see that logic.

This is my view most days, it is very cold in Berlin right now, so I like to be cosy.

Oh yeah, I cut my hair and have gone back blonde...only to dye it 'pearl' in a few days...which I think is a very pale pink...ahaHa LOOK AT MY FACE RAAAGH 

So yeah, that's basically your lot for now, I'm bored of this lol.

Rhiannon nominated me for the liebster award so I'm working on my questions and bloggers for that. 
(I can't link on here wah)

Laters taters >.< 

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