Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Today i am way too hot and dreaming of this amazing lunch i had on sunday with the boyf.



Oh, we got a nintendo 3ds today, have to wait till he gets home so he can open it...

Thursday, 23 June 2011

A post of love

Cake at Anna Blume Cafe in Prenzlauerberg


So i got back in from a bit of a shopping spree before and felt so content and happy i just had to write this post.

Things i love about Berlin!

  • the flats are big, old, and very affordable
  • everything you need is 5 minutes away, max
  • you can eat cake whenever you want.....even in the morning :)
  • you can have tattoos and no-one gives a shit!! back in england people would comment on my tattoos ALL THE TIME. an old woman even told me she disapproved and that i would have them forever. duh. here though, everyone has tattoos, and no-one really gives a rats ass if you have any or not! its a.may.zing.
  • you can walk around reading and no-one spares a second glance
  • it feels like home. i was born and lived 4 hours away from here in herford, germany has my heart, back then, now, forever.
I may be reading George r.r Martins Ice and Fire series, and i may be on book 3 pt 1, and i may be so into it that i read it all the way to the underground this morning and all the way home this afternoon......it takes 10-15 minutes to walk to the station.....

I love being able to walk and read, i used to do it all the time when i was younger.

Oh it totally just rained and i was wincing waiting for the thunder, but none came! It's so nice for it to rain quietly!

Ah, peas x

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Storms and THE haircut

So i live in an old flat in Berlin. On the 3rd floor.
I was totally fine with this. Last year we lived on the 4th floor and that last set of stairs were always a pain in my ass. So when i found out we had a 3rd floor flat i was pretty chuffed.

Until the storms started.

I have never been afraid of thunder, or lightning, or heavy rain. But being so high up (i'm used to bungalows) is a mind bobomb. It's awful!! You feel like the thunder is personally attacking you and trying to scare you!!
We had the worst storm this monday. It was well over 30degrees in the day, no wind, just really still and close and hot. Then it started to get really windy, and all the birds flew away, and the sky turned black.....

I was starting to get worried bcos my boyfriend was walking home when it started, at one point i couldn't see out of the window because the rain was falling so hard.

It was getting to the point where i was starting to panic because he had been walking home for ages, i peeked out of the front door and saw this sight coming at me up the stairs!!
Look how wet! It took 4 days for his shoes to dry! Felt so sorry for him, why didn't he stop in a cafe or a shop?!

So yeah, i am terrified of storms now because they feel so so close. Anyone else have this problem in a flat?!

Remember i said i got a drastic hair cut. Well here is the before and after.

BEFORE-oh, look at my big ol' fringe :(

AFTER-it's a bit fluffy today lol

So yeh, there you have it. It's kind of growing on me. I still wish she hadn't cut a wonky, squiggly fringe! Mean!!

Busy week this week, Vic Ruggiero gig last night, Social Distortion and Frank Turner tonight, then a night out with the boyfriends work 2moro to celebrate the end of a big project!

How cosmopolite we are! Will post at the weekend, it will be big and it will be picture heavy :) x

Friday, 3 June 2011

If i was you....

Happy Friday!

A small story, years and years ago, when i was about 14/15, my Oma made a cake. It was a beautiful cake. Coconut topping, light sponge, yet it was really moist. I don't mean just moist, it was wet. With cream. It was the most delicious cake i have ever eaten and for years i have been trying to find a recipe. I'll admit though...i'm not the best at looking for things.

My mum said she had the recipe and made it for me a few years ago. No. It wasn't the same. Not even close. I was gutted because i thought i had finally found the cake.
Anyway, i did a bit of googling and found the cake!!
I google imaged rather than searched for recipes, found it straight away!!
It's called Blechkuchen and is a traditional German sheet cake. It's yummy.
So my mum gave me another recipe and i made it, i made way too much, i have slices and slices of it in the freezer. But that's good, it can freeze! Cake on tap yes!

In other news i was very lucky to be included in Sandra Dieckmann's If i was You project. This week it was my turn and i had to follow Hayley Warnham. I did a fair bit of research and here's what i came up with.....eventually lol!

If i was Hayley i would start a club where only people who had Fisheyes are allowed in to play.

I feel really lucky to be in such good company, go check out the site!

Also this week i finally got my care package from my sister, it was very fun, i've been waiting for this for weeks so to finally have it is a big 'yeey'.......

A cute card, because 'i like bunting' lol.

My first bag of goodies, some clips for my uber short hair, false eyelashes for nights out, mainly because i have really short hair now and want to make my eyes 'pop' a bit more! Asda's own eyelashes are like less than £2 but they are so good. I don't use them more than once because it freaks me out a bit, but my sister can keep them on for well over a week, pretty sturdy and not too fake looking, a nice cheap pair :)

She also sent me the ugliest earrings i have ever seen, i told her i didn't like them, she went 'yeh i didn't think you would' !! Why get them then skel?!

And finally.....

Check out how happy i am, with my squinty eye and old lady claw hand! Ha!

My Topshop creme blush!! In flush! I have heard good things about this so begged and bribed my sister to get me one and send it over to me. It's more pink than i imagined but thats a good thing, i'm pretty pale so suit pinky things rather than brown/orangey stuff.

I took a trip to the mall, Robin Sparkles wasn't there unfortunately, but i did find some pretty amazing make up! I have been looking into the Urban Decay 'Naked' palette because i love love love nudey eyeshadow colours, however, its like $45-$75 (!!??!!) which is way way waaay out of my price range! So i was in this fancy looking shop and found some NYX palettes that were just my thing. One is browns and one is glitter. They were really cheap aswel, and wear really well so i am hugely excited to wear these!

I've been a bit ill though so haven't bothered with make up these past few days. I think it was the beginnings of a cold, sniffly/blocked nose, hot and cold flushes, just general lethargy...To be honest i thought i might have caught this horrible e coli virus that's infected Germany. I think i'm safe though.
It's a bit scary, i want salad and fruit but i'm cautious about what i can and can't eat!!

Suffering from anxiety doesn't help matters either!!

Anyway, that is all for today, i'm off out to get some chamomile tea and throat lozenges and finish watching Great British Menu :)

Peas xx

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