Thursday, 9 June 2011

Storms and THE haircut

So i live in an old flat in Berlin. On the 3rd floor.
I was totally fine with this. Last year we lived on the 4th floor and that last set of stairs were always a pain in my ass. So when i found out we had a 3rd floor flat i was pretty chuffed.

Until the storms started.

I have never been afraid of thunder, or lightning, or heavy rain. But being so high up (i'm used to bungalows) is a mind bobomb. It's awful!! You feel like the thunder is personally attacking you and trying to scare you!!
We had the worst storm this monday. It was well over 30degrees in the day, no wind, just really still and close and hot. Then it started to get really windy, and all the birds flew away, and the sky turned black.....

I was starting to get worried bcos my boyfriend was walking home when it started, at one point i couldn't see out of the window because the rain was falling so hard.

It was getting to the point where i was starting to panic because he had been walking home for ages, i peeked out of the front door and saw this sight coming at me up the stairs!!
Look how wet! It took 4 days for his shoes to dry! Felt so sorry for him, why didn't he stop in a cafe or a shop?!

So yeah, i am terrified of storms now because they feel so so close. Anyone else have this problem in a flat?!

Remember i said i got a drastic hair cut. Well here is the before and after.

BEFORE-oh, look at my big ol' fringe :(

AFTER-it's a bit fluffy today lol

So yeh, there you have it. It's kind of growing on me. I still wish she hadn't cut a wonky, squiggly fringe! Mean!!

Busy week this week, Vic Ruggiero gig last night, Social Distortion and Frank Turner tonight, then a night out with the boyfriends work 2moro to celebrate the end of a big project!

How cosmopolite we are! Will post at the weekend, it will be big and it will be picture heavy :) x

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