Saturday, 28 June 2014


As every blogger before me has said, 
"sometimes life gets in the way and you need to take a step back"
end quote, ha.

In all honestly, i couldn't find the energy.
I couldn't think of anything i wanted to write,
i've not read any blogs since i last posted.
Rubbish me!

In all fairness though my life got a bit busy.
I took part in an all girl exhibition,
my friends came to Berlin to stay for a few days,
i had a very exciting business offer,
[more on that in a bit, squeee]
i've been making things for my etsy shop.
and breathe. 

My wall for the exhibition.
One thing i realised about my work whilst hanging it was i make 
a lot of text based drawings.
Which is in no way a bad thing,
but pretty overwhelming when all my pieces are together.

A little girl made me cry on the night,
[and every now and then since lets be honest!]
i was told that she loved my work bcos Jaqueline Wilson is her
favourite author and she loves the books.
Which excited me bcos i love her too.
Then i cried because this little girl made my life.

People were seeking me out to tell me they liked my stuff,
and i was in the room when people were walking in and commenting
about how they like it.
Best ever feeling.

If i ever doubt myself again i just have to think back to this night.
I was surrounded by beautiful people,
beautiful art,
and beautiful drunk friends.
It was my favourite night in a long time.

In June i discovered and mastered summer rolls.

Ah our annual eurovision feast,
was a good one this year, the show and the food,
still laughing about the hosts getting Graham in the booth with confetti.
Frenemies <3

Got a new bbq, 
it's amazing,
super easy to carry to the park,
super easy to light.

I seriously have the best intentions to go veggie again some time 
but then i remember sausages
and i'm german, i fucking love sausages.
[that's what she said]

Ramones museum, been here a million times,
[over exaggeration]
and i fully recommend it.
[......if you like the ramones]


Whenever i'm home i love sitting in my mums garden and listening to the bees buzz.
I wish people were more serious about saving them,
if they die, we die!
They're so important, and so cute!

Did me some drawing whilst waiting for my, once again, delayed plane.

Sorry i disappeared, 
speak soon!


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