Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Hmmmm, i realise this blog is called Shellington Draws, yet there are, no drawings.....

Ha! Uuuppps! Soon people, very soon indeed.

So after crying for about 8 hours straight this weekend i came to a conclusion. I am going to teach my self how to use photoshop, illustrator, cinema etc and then try my hand at combining my illustration and art background with a new technological direction. Early days yet, i had a bit of a strop because i couldn't use photoshop, didn't understand a word of the tutorials.
Managed to edit a couple of photos though....

Here is me, i stick by the claim that i have the worst bed head ever, not just here, in life.

And these little bad boys were parked near us in Berlin.

Speaking of Berlin, i've decided to go back. Maybe not for the whole 3 months, but definitely 2. I can pound those pavements and find a cleaning job i am sure of it. Maybe even some more dog walking. This time will be better i think. We know what to expect now, know what to pack etc, it's very exciting. I'd move there 2moro given the chance, school can wait really, not that fussed about it. We'll give my new career option a chance, if it's looking like it's working out, well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!

I'm away now folks, my room needs cleaning, i found 7 pringle tubs :-0 No idea where they've come from, must just be a build up of crap!!
Oh dear.....
Then 2moro some photoshop revision, packing away of my books etc that i'll be taking with me when i move out, and a gig!!
Reel big fish and The Skints!

Yes, i think i'll have myself a beer :)

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Be true to yourself...

So i find today that i am having a slight crisis.
My other half has been offered another 3 month stint in Berlin at a design studio he loves. He is going, obviously, but whether or not i go is an entirely different matter.

Some of you are probably sat there thinking, well it's not really a hard decision is it, if you love him, you'll go with him. The thing is though, this job is amazing for him, but for me it brings up a whole buttload of crap that i now have to deal with. Like now.

Here's the thing, i want to be an illustrator. I think. Or maybe work with books in a publishing house. Or screen print my drawings and print for other people. But the catch.......i'm not certain of these. My main aim in life is to be happy. That's all i want. I am so scared of eventually dying that when i am alive, i want it to be good. But then money comes into it. You need money for everything. Especially to live. And i have none. A whole load of bad decisions are the reason for this. I made them though, so i have to live with them. Do i regret not saving? Of course i do.

So now my choices in life are working crappy jobs until i can find something i want to do for life. Here's the catch though. I don't want to work in service jobs. I don't want to waste my time holding my tongue and being nice to people and serve them and clean up after them and do things for them.

I am also a student, still, at 25. I have one year left on a Fine Art course that i hate. It's not helped me further my career in 2 years, how is the final year going to help? Yes i owe money, but i don't really care. They only start taking it once you're earning so much money and then when they do they just take a percentage. I don't actually have to do anything apart from get a job and make money.

My other half would happily move to Berlin now. I know this. I am quite perceptive. It's good money and he loves what he is doing. It's my dream, but his reality. I want to move with him, find a job there, who knows, maybe i'll be happy in a crap job if i'm in Germany doing illustration on the side. I was happy there last year with no job......but he won't let me move until i finish my course because otherwise, what was the point in me getting myself into all this debt?

I feel as though i am making a mountain out of a mole hill, getting all worked up for no reason. I certainly feel stupid enough.

My plan for this evening was to sit down and think about things. It's proving kind of hard. I am just going over the problem and not coming up with anything near a solution.


Monday, 14 February 2011

happy 'people can only express their love on feb 14th' day!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Me and the other half usually give the whole cards, red roses, heart pillows thing a miss. I don't understand why and how so many people buy into this. If you want to tell your partner you love them, just tell them!
if you want to get your soul mate a present, don't wait until today!

Your lives should be peppered with small gifts, surprises, and happy tuesday cards over the years, not just today!

On today's love theme i am giving you all a sneak peek of one of my new products i'll be adding to my shop this week, my hand embroidered framed hoops :)

Please enjoy <3

On another note, i wanted to show off what i got my lovely beau for christmas, print courtesy of Sandra Dieckmann......a must for every home i think.

Happy Monday folks x

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

i am terrible

i am just an awful blogger!

my only excuse is i can't upload my photos off the camera so i have been putting it off becasuse i don't want my blog to look boring compared to all the other fancy pants blogs out there!!

i have been working on new projects, stitching onto fabric in embroidery hoops. the outcome is brilliant, i really like how they have turned out. i've two more to do and one to finish off, then a photo-shoot at the other half's house, then finally up in the shop.....

photo's to follow my lovelies i promise xx
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