Monday, 14 February 2011

happy 'people can only express their love on feb 14th' day!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Me and the other half usually give the whole cards, red roses, heart pillows thing a miss. I don't understand why and how so many people buy into this. If you want to tell your partner you love them, just tell them!
if you want to get your soul mate a present, don't wait until today!

Your lives should be peppered with small gifts, surprises, and happy tuesday cards over the years, not just today!

On today's love theme i am giving you all a sneak peek of one of my new products i'll be adding to my shop this week, my hand embroidered framed hoops :)

Please enjoy <3

On another note, i wanted to show off what i got my lovely beau for christmas, print courtesy of Sandra Dieckmann......a must for every home i think.

Happy Monday folks x

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