Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Charcoal Challenge Pt.2 Berlin Edition!

The second part of the My Money Supermarket Charcoal Challenge
took place in my second home, 
You can catch up with part one here,
set in sunny Warrington!

I wanted my folks to experience a sunny Sunday Mauerpark BBQ,
only problem was, 
it was WAY too hot the week they came.
[not a usual problem...but i'm not that normal a person.]

We decided to have the bbq on a small, quiet, lesser known patch,
away from the incessant heat and noisy crowd.

Some friends showed up,
luckily though, we are frugal shoppers and eaters, 
so we managed to make our spread...
So to speak. 
We found that cutting up the meat into smaller chunks made it seem like there was more food.
Definitely an idea to remember for the next bbq.

The remaining half of the challenge money went on; 
[a german necessity]
bread rolls, 
chicken legs, 
and a big hefty bag of charcoal. 

It was a truly excellent bbq.
Lots of chat,
lots of photos, 
lots of food for very little, 
for lots of people.

My boyfriends parents are due to visit in a week,
i'm pretty sure we'll be having another bbq!
Hopefully this time it won't be so hot,
and we can have it on actual Mauerpark
so i can show you what it's like.

Hope you have all managed to squeeze in some happy bbq's this summer?
There's nothing better than family, friends, and food.
Thanks again Money Supermarket!

Monday, 29 July 2013

The Sunshine Award

The gorgeous face that is Rhiannon from
nominated me for a Sunshine Award.
I am so touched, 
thank you!

The rules are......

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
Thank you Rhiannon!! 
Mwah! Mwah! Mhah!
2. Post the award logo on your blog
3. Nominate 5 blogs that you love
4. Share seven facts about yourself

Without further ado....here goes...

There's too much to say.
I adore these books.

>> I love Jim Carrey. Actual real love.
Full on love all of his movies, 
even Mr Poppers Penguins,
are my favourite and i regularly quote from them...
much to my boyfriends confusion ha.

>> It took me 4 goes to pass my driving test.
I passed my theory first time, but the practical...
Just for the record...despite this, i am an excellent driver!

>> I really don't like wearing make up.
Also *whispering* i don't shave unless i really really need to.
[ie, summer]
And even then it's only ever under the knee shaving.
Quelle Horreur!

>> I once auditioned for Deal or No Deal but didn't get to the final stage.
And and and...
My dad and i were going to be on Bargain Hunt but i was in Berlin when they were filming.

>> My sister and i always say goodbye to each other like the quails in Bambi.
I tried to find a clip but could not.
Goodbye, goodbye now, goodbye!

>> My boyfriend and i have just started watching Breaking Bad.
[i know i know!]
We're halfway through series 3.
I could watch it all in a weekend, 
alas, i have to watch it bit by bit!

The blogs i'd like to nominate are...

Gemma from Fat Frocks
Erin from E-Elise Etc
Donna from Polkadot Pink
Leanne from A Slice of My Life
Claire from French For Cupcake

Go check out these awesome ladies,
and don't forget Rhiannon!


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Leaving the UK...

Quick...somebody call a waaahmbulance!
It's a little over two and a half weeks since i left the UK.
Hey, i've been busy!

My main reason for going over was due to having had a lot of sinus trouble recently.
I wanted to get checked out,
make sure everything was ok,
i needed my mum.

Along with the sinusitis my anxiety ramped up.
I think i made myself a lot more sick than i actually was.
I sank deeper and deeper into my depression.
I hated Berlin, 
I mainly hated myself,
I hated my lack of motivation and creation.
I was in a really dark place. 

[after a long, tearful chat]
i have woken up. 
I am feeling less pressure, 
I don't hate myself quite so much,
and I feel a bit more confident.

lets get you up to date with my last few days in the UK!

A friend let me borrow some of his Palahniuk books...
i have a lot of reading to do.

Pick & mix and pizza friday are staples in my diet when i'm home.

I mean really...
look at her cute face all ready for some DIY.

My grandad gave me some of his old belt buckles.
He isn't the kind of grandad who readily gives things away to family,
he's quite sentimental and worries things won't get looked after.
So i nearly cried when i opened his package.
He is in his 70's and bought his first one when he was 20.

Bargain of the trip.
All three books for £1.
Read these books if you're into magic and sci fi please.

I made my first quiche and it killed.
[not literally...that would be somewhat disturbing]
My mum also made an apple cake and i forgot to have a slice!
This was on my last day :(

Going away buffay!
[i know it's buffet.]

My father, ladies and gentlemen. 
You'll be seeing a lot more of him in posts to come...

On the train home from the airport.
After taking this photo i had to change into pants and a tshirt...
chub rub.

We went to Mauerpark the day after i got back and i got a treat...
[fake] gold cutlery like Nigella has...
cos we're fancy.

Signed up to Netfilx,
got stuck into ren and stimpy,
realised ren was a dog and stimpy was a cat
and then got started on breaking bad.


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Treptower Park - Berlin secrets...

There's a place in Berlin that tourists aren't really aware of.
If you jump on the S41/S42 ring to Treptower Park you come across a place of beauty.
You could spend a whole day here.
There's a Russian memorial.
An abandoned theme park.
A harbour.
Boat houses.
Ice cream.
A bike trail.
It's a beautiful day out.

I 100% recommend this if you ever visit. 

I went recently with my parents.
It was really hot so we didn't spend too long here.
[i have sensitive skin, boo]
We missed out the island and the theme park.
But it's so easy to get to i'm going to jump on the train next week when it cools down.
Need to take more pictures!

I must warn you.....
i am learning how to use my NikonD80.
I am also learning how to edit.
There are a lot,
of photos in this post.


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