Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Treptower Park - Berlin secrets...

There's a place in Berlin that tourists aren't really aware of.
If you jump on the S41/S42 ring to Treptower Park you come across a place of beauty.
You could spend a whole day here.
There's a Russian memorial.
An abandoned theme park.
A harbour.
Boat houses.
Ice cream.
A bike trail.
It's a beautiful day out.

I 100% recommend this if you ever visit. 

I went recently with my parents.
It was really hot so we didn't spend too long here.
[i have sensitive skin, boo]
We missed out the island and the theme park.
But it's so easy to get to i'm going to jump on the train next week when it cools down.
Need to take more pictures!

I must warn you.....
i am learning how to use my NikonD80.
I am also learning how to edit.
There are a lot,
of photos in this post.



  1. Everything looks beautiful and your photos are amazing! x

    1. Thanks nerdface :) I'm getting used to using a 'proper' camera, makes me nervous! X


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