Sunday, 21 July 2013

Charcoal Challenge

When i read that Money Supermarket were challenging their readers to throw a BBQ
for £50 my immediate response was, 
of course,
challenge accepted.

Watchers of How I met your mother know where i'm coming from,

Anyway the idea is Money Supermarket give you £50 to throw a BBQ.
Very generous.
Extremely generous in fact.

I decided i wanted to try and make my money go further so,
plan...£25 BBQ in the UK,
and €25 BBQ in Berlin,
the mecca of grills and grilled meat...

Welcome to The Charcoal Challenge pt1.

First up, my BBQ in the UK with my parents, 
and my dog!
[because i have no friends...]

The obligatory burgers. 

There was enough mince leftover for meatballs in the week.
Stretch those pockets!

Prepping the bacon and egg salad.
So easy,
probably not that nutritious,
but seriously yummy.

I couldn't leave my dog out,
not when we were all chowing down on such tasty treats.

She seemed happy enough!

I managed to stretch the £25 to include some summer friendly toys...

She froze at one point and watched the bubbles fly up over the house and into the distance.

Sniffing for leftovers.
If any of you have dogs i'm sure you're well used to this face?!

Proof i'm still alive!
Make up less and untidy but still here.

My Dad's home made pallet benches.
Craftiness clearly runs in the fam!

Pops says thank you Money Supermarket!

I bought enough mince for 7 home made burgers;
[some were eaten the next day for lunch, we're not animals!]
and meatballs for 3 people.
Bottled fizzy water,
fruit cider,
charcoal, of course,
salad ingredients,
bread and rolls, 
[not pictured, too tasty, too slow!]
poppy's bone,
the bubble maker, 
pack of water pistols, 
and a pack of eggs.

Coming up next...
BBQ in Berlin's infamous Mauerpark!


  1. It all looks so yummy! Your garden is so pretty and colourful! I love it! Your dog looks like he's enjoying it all. That bacon and egg salad looks amazing! Never had one before. Silly woman, I would of so come if I could drive x

    1. Darn it! You could've met my stupid dog ha! I've got a post planned about the garden, i was walking around it and found all my mums old ornaments, was very funny seeing them peeking through plants. I could never take care of a garden like this, it's all down to my mum, the plant whisperer!! X


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