Sunday, 5 February 2012

last one for tonight!

So, um, i got a tumblr.

It's super fun, trawling the internet for images. 

Slightly addictive actually >.<


So one of the main things i miss about the UK when i'm in Berlin is my dog. Seriously.
This little creature!

I didn't tell her to get in the shower, she just went and sat in it one day. Maybe she realised it was xmas and wanted to look her best.

Aha, she spotted me.

So cute!
We genuinely spend all of our days together.
I don't have a job in the UK, or in Berlin lol, but that's another story for another time, so me and the pops just hang out in the day eating and watching tv.
It's not a good look.

Now i am back in Berlin and i have no dog, i keep looking for her to share my food with but she's not there!!
The worst thing is i can't ring her up and be like, 
"yo, 'sup poppy, i'm gonna be away for a while so don't think i've abandoned you or anything"
and she'd be like, 
"awesome, cool, well have fun bitch"

I miss my dog!!!

Time for a XMAS catch up schweedie

Merry Christmas!
Ha, it's a wee bit late, i know, but i am finally able to post my xmas and new years photos.
I got back home mid December to find my lovely papa had decorated my room all xmassy. And no, i don't usually refer to my dad as 'papa', but it felt like a papa moment.

I got busy straight away making my standard xmas gift fare, rocky road and snickers bars. Wrapped them all up nice and tidy and put my brand new gold glitter ribbon (OMFGZZ) to use. 
Is there anything better than glittery ribbon?
I think not. Especially at xmas time.

Xmas eve buffet at my boyfriends parents. She went all out this year and made us loads of food. I was too obsessed with the asda's own cheese balls to bother with the chili cheese pinwheels though, ha. Cheese balls mmm.
It was a bit of a bummer this year, my sister went missing. Yep, actually went missing for the day. She kind of ruined it for everyone a little. Don't get me wrong, i love my sister, but sometimes she is a little more than unreliable. I ended up crying all of xmas eve because i couldn't figure out where she was. Eventually had to get in touch with her kind of boyfriend and ask him if he knew, he did, and he reassured me she was ok. Then at about 2a.m he rang me and said he'd found her and taken her back to his house and he'd make sure she was up in the morning for xmas day with us. 
Neither of us have told her about this.
It's our secret yeh?!

Ha, imagine if she read this blog. Oh dear.

Xmas day! Yessss! After retrieving my sister we finally got down to the important stuff, the presents! 
Ha, i kid!
 A little bit. 
But really. 
You know what i'm saying is right.

I was very happy to unwrap a kindle, it is amazing. Especially with me going from Berlin to the UK every few months it is a god send! 12 books on one little tablet?!
Thank you amazon.
The above is the box of goodies the boyfriend got me. No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom (best album ever) on vinyl and a gocco machine included :)

My mum thought getting me this hat would be hilar.
I thought it was amazing, so snuggly i can't cope.

Considering making myself a little felt crown a la 'where the wild things are'.

One of my favourite things received is this dog bag.
I know the cat tapestry's and Lita's are rocking the web at the minute but really, who the fuck likes cats over dogs?!

And finally, the piece de resistance, cos i'm feeling a bit french, xmas dinner!

Laters xx

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