Friday, 31 May 2013

A plethora of bargains

Just a few items i picked up when i was in the Uk 
earlier in the month.

I'd ordered the Dark Materials trilogy off ebay but had it delivered to 
my mum's house by accident!
No bother, it just meant i had more books
to rub all over myself in glee!

My best bargain being home, 
apart from my dainty doll eyeshadows,
was my £1 disney dvds!

I'm not even ashamed to admit i am a disney freak.
They are my childhood, they are my future.
Animation forever!!

Anyway, onto the bargains :)

I've been trawling ebay trying to find these for cheaps,
i eventually found them in a shop called 'The Works' in the mall for £7.
Properly chuffed.
I'm currently halfway through mockingjay.
It's been a while since i last read them so i have no idea what's going to happen.
Yes, my forgetfulness comes in handy sometimes!

Ugh another amazing series. 
My performing arts teacher recommended these to me when i was 17,
thank you Mr Lewis, best knowledge you ever gave me!

My boyfriend has just finished playing Bioshock Infinite.
The mention of tears [not wah crying tears, a tear in material etc] had me dying to read The Subtle Knife again.
Once i've finished mockingjay i'm going to dive right into these.

I've never read this but the blurb sucked me in.
Sounds so interesting, and it is a tome, not a book, a tome.
It was a quid!

I saw JK Rowlings new [well, old] book the casual vacancy in the same shop but i left it.
Not sure why, hadn't heard good reviews so wasn't convinced.

Kind of wish i'd got it now, reckon it was only £1 too.

A little treat my dad got me in a charity shop in Lymm.
Cost him £1.
Oh he does spoil me :)

Some bits i picked up from the bargain shops.
Not really very interesting, just things i've wanted to try and things i can't get in Berlin.

Paperchase haul!
God i love paperchase.
I spent under a fiver in here and not pictured is the wrapping paper and birthday tags i used for my mum's birthday presents.

My 35p dinosaur pen.
Why did i only buy one!?!?!?!?
Non, je ne regrette rien.

I've never used a magnetic bookmark and i have to say, amazing.
75p for these lovely treats.
And they don't fall out of your book when you're lugging it around the house.

I miss home again!
I also bought a lot of clothes.
They are all mainly grey and boring though, so i can't be bothered taking pictures of them ha!
I walked into asda one day and they were having a half price clothing sale.
Other people might be a bit snobby, i guess, when it comes to supermarket clothes,
but i swear, i live in them.
I shop at asda all the time for clothes, it's just so affordable and seriously, 
they really are doing something right this year.
The clothes are amazing.

Ok, i've bored myself now.
The most exciting thing i brought to Berlin was all my books.
I might treat you to a post about my meagre bookshelf here in Berlin.
Get excited!!

I'm hoping to do a giveaway when i hit 50 followers to say thanks for showing interest.
Fun Fun! 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Analog #3

Some photos i took with my trusty Minolta while in England. 

The first few are from my mum's birthday, the rest from a trip to Lymm.

When i went to get these developed they guy offered to put them on a cd for an extra quid.
I was like, hells yeah!
So i pick them up, load the cd into my [very old] mac and.....

Darn it!
So i resigned myself to taking pictures of pictures again.
Took all 36x2 [maths is too much] photos then had a thought.
"i wonder if the cd works in the new mac"
Patiently load.
Oh look...
There are all the photos i just took pictures of the last 30 minutes.


Monday, 27 May 2013

Monday's Sunday Summary

A bit late i know, but i didn't get a chance to get on the laptop last night!

1.  New phone & bag  2.  Back in Berlin!  3.  Excess luggage
4.  Picnic in the park  5.  Mauerpark  6.  Vegetarian bibimbap  7.  Dogs yay!

So i have been back in Berlin for a whole week.
The day after i got home i got ill.
Ugh. Snotty cold.
Which means this week was pretty much a bust.
I couldn't move around too much because i felt my head was going to explode!

The day before going home i got a new phone, yay.
It took my dad and me 13 minutes to park up, get to the o2 shop, and sign a new contract.
That is what i call skill.
Only when i got home did i realise my new phone is a touch and type phone.
Now i'm on edge waiting for it to break.
[i don't trust technology...]

Whilst home i also got a new bag.
Man i love bags!
This beauty is from good old Dotty P's and was £7.
It's much sturdier and roomier than your average tote, and the fabric is so nice.

My flight went ok coming home.
We landed at sunset and it was deliciously warm.
The only thing was our usual train, the S9, wasn't running.
It's our favourite train, it takes us right to Schönhauser allee, no changes.
This trip however we had to travel 6 stops, catch a bus 3 stops, then jump on the ring 4 stops before finally getting home to a broken boiler and dying plants!
But hey, we were home and it was warm and dry.

A few days later my excess luggage parcel arrived.
I always buy things that i can't fit into my bag.
So i pack a box and send it to myself to arrive after i get home.
Hey, it's cheaper and less hassle than paying extra at the airport for more bags!

This box was stuffed with new clothes [asda sale, thank you], beauty products, and my Things & Ink bundle.
So happy.
If you guys like tattoos, strong women, and excellent articles, go check it out!
I'll be doing a blog post on the magazines soon so keep you eyes peeled.

As a result of being ill this week all i could be bothered to do was read.
After much consideration i settled on Catching Fire.
Halfway through, forgot almost everything that happened!
Anyway, talking about it is making me itch to read it, so i'm gonna go, speak soon.

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