Sunday, 28 July 2013

Leaving the UK...

Quick...somebody call a waaahmbulance!
It's a little over two and a half weeks since i left the UK.
Hey, i've been busy!

My main reason for going over was due to having had a lot of sinus trouble recently.
I wanted to get checked out,
make sure everything was ok,
i needed my mum.

Along with the sinusitis my anxiety ramped up.
I think i made myself a lot more sick than i actually was.
I sank deeper and deeper into my depression.
I hated Berlin, 
I mainly hated myself,
I hated my lack of motivation and creation.
I was in a really dark place. 

[after a long, tearful chat]
i have woken up. 
I am feeling less pressure, 
I don't hate myself quite so much,
and I feel a bit more confident.

lets get you up to date with my last few days in the UK!

A friend let me borrow some of his Palahniuk books...
i have a lot of reading to do.

Pick & mix and pizza friday are staples in my diet when i'm home.

I mean really...
look at her cute face all ready for some DIY.

My grandad gave me some of his old belt buckles.
He isn't the kind of grandad who readily gives things away to family,
he's quite sentimental and worries things won't get looked after.
So i nearly cried when i opened his package.
He is in his 70's and bought his first one when he was 20.

Bargain of the trip.
All three books for £1.
Read these books if you're into magic and sci fi please.

I made my first quiche and it killed.
[not literally...that would be somewhat disturbing]
My mum also made an apple cake and i forgot to have a slice!
This was on my last day :(

Going away buffay!
[i know it's buffet.]

My father, ladies and gentlemen. 
You'll be seeing a lot more of him in posts to come...

On the train home from the airport.
After taking this photo i had to change into pants and a tshirt...
chub rub.

We went to Mauerpark the day after i got back and i got a treat...
[fake] gold cutlery like Nigella has...
cos we're fancy.

Signed up to Netfilx,
got stuck into ren and stimpy,
realised ren was a dog and stimpy was a cat
and then got started on breaking bad.



  1. mmmm I'm so hungry now! such pretty cutlery, great find.

    1. The guy had a massive box of it, i wanted it all!

  2. Ah! Do you have a different address now? Been slacking on posting, sorry! Hope you are feeling much better lovely! xx

    1. No no, same address, i went back to warrington for a bit and now am here in berlin :) i feel much better thanks, hope you do too x


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