Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Hmmmm, i realise this blog is called Shellington Draws, yet there are, no drawings.....

Ha! Uuuppps! Soon people, very soon indeed.

So after crying for about 8 hours straight this weekend i came to a conclusion. I am going to teach my self how to use photoshop, illustrator, cinema etc and then try my hand at combining my illustration and art background with a new technological direction. Early days yet, i had a bit of a strop because i couldn't use photoshop, didn't understand a word of the tutorials.
Managed to edit a couple of photos though....

Here is me, i stick by the claim that i have the worst bed head ever, not just here, in life.

And these little bad boys were parked near us in Berlin.

Speaking of Berlin, i've decided to go back. Maybe not for the whole 3 months, but definitely 2. I can pound those pavements and find a cleaning job i am sure of it. Maybe even some more dog walking. This time will be better i think. We know what to expect now, know what to pack etc, it's very exciting. I'd move there 2moro given the chance, school can wait really, not that fussed about it. We'll give my new career option a chance, if it's looking like it's working out, well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!

I'm away now folks, my room needs cleaning, i found 7 pringle tubs :-0 No idea where they've come from, must just be a build up of crap!!
Oh dear.....
Then 2moro some photoshop revision, packing away of my books etc that i'll be taking with me when i move out, and a gig!!
Reel big fish and The Skints!

Yes, i think i'll have myself a beer :)

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