Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Updating and reorganising

Since i last blogged.....

  • i learned how to knit and made a really wide but really short scarf, fail
  • i moved to back to berlin for a while
  • i celebrated turning 25, which is halfway to 50, which is really really freaky
  • i started learning's a struggle, my brain is against me!
  • i fell in love with karl pilkington, seriously in love, and for my birthday i got all of his books and fell a little but more in love ha, thanks boyfriend :D
  • and finally i discovered cynol hair powder and thus ended my ongoing quest to find the best product that keeps my hair looking matte, volumised and styled for hours and hours and all of the day, yess <3
Obviously i have done a little more than just this, work and life and love etc, but these are the thing i fancied mentioning!

At the minute i am taking part in Sandra Dieckmann's 'If i was you' project which is very exciting indeed, looking forward to seeing me up on the site in such great company.

There is much more i want to say but i don't want to make this post too long and boring so i will be back every day this week to make a post :)

I'm off now to make some Dr.Oetker Himbeer-Schoko cupcakes now x much love all

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