Thursday, 26 May 2011

Can you ride a zebra?

morning people :)

yesterday i baked, quite a success, they were lovely! the cream was more like joghurt than a sweet cream, a nice compliment to the chocolate...

i was also learning how to photoshop illustrations so i don't have to beg my boyfriend to edit my drawings for me, found it difficult but i got through it. i edited my 'if i was you' illustration.
i'll post on here as soon as it goes up, don't want to give any sneak peaks!

i don't really have any plans today apart from dying my hair. have had a hair disaster recently. a hairdresser came round and mislead me, told me she wouldn't cut it all off and that she'd leave me with, and i quote, 'more than an inch of hair'.
she lied.

so i now have this wierd pixie cut that i'm still not entirely sure about. also i need to dye it and i normally have the comfort of longer hair hiding any hairline stains.....there is no hair to hide anything!!

will report back in the morrow, hopefully with something a little more interesting to discuss!!

i'm expecting a care package of goodies from england this week so i look forward to sharing!

peas x

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