Friday, 27 May 2011

i am dumb!

Afternoon chillun' :)

Not much to report today, i pretty much stayed in my pyjamas ALL day, had a bath and finished reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, and then got obsessed with the apparently predicted 2012 conspiracies!!

Not good for my poor little over-imaginative brain!! It's ok though, i would appear apocalypse has been mistranslated through the years and actually means 'to unveil/reveal' apparently the world will end 'as we know it', because we're going to obtain new knowledge that betters our lives........or some shit, i don't know!

After 4 weeks in Berlin and reading the only 2 books i brought with me, and the 2 food magazines, i went down to the post box today and found an envelope filled with Reveal and More!!! Yeeeey thank you little sister!!

So i am going to go and indulge in some celebrity gossip and pictures while my spaghetti sauce slowly bubbles away on the hob.

I leave you with an old illustration i found that makes me laugh, my mum calls the dance 'crumping' a 'crumpet dance', so she inspired me!

Peas x

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