Monday, 12 May 2014

april in a day // hauls and things

hello hello hello,
are we all excited for rupauls drag race tonight?
but it's the final!!
i'm rooting for adore but i think bianca will take the crown.
they both super deserve it.

i took a bunch of photos in a new location the other day...
my desk!
it's so white
[well, it's proper dirty, i'm not so tidy]
and it's so blank and plain.
perfect for some fancy photography right?

i grabbed a bunch of stuff i've been meaning to show you for a while.
all of the things i ordered are from april, may,
possibly some even came in march!?

there's a shit ton more,
but can't spoil the treats all in one go right?!

just my everyday cereal and morning read.
a good way to start the day.

i found some new sweet and sour haribos.
when i say sour,
they're proper lemon zest sour.
but then you get the sweet one and it's such a relief.
these are tasty little beasts.

thanks to michelle from satchels & pearls
for being able to part with this little beauty!

my gorgeous wild thing from amy.
i am so in love with him

so we got ourselves another one each and they both had bart in.
anyone want to trade?!?!?!?

also, we watched the lego simpsons episode last night,
it was really good,
reminded me of community.

a selection of some of my favourite comics, books, and zines.
i will share these one day,
if anyone is interested?
meh, even if not it's gonna happen!

by the amazingly talented nicola rowlands
i love everything she does.

my amazing new wanda patch.

i was on lily's etsy page and couldn't decide what to choose,
then i noticed she had a 'treat yourself' gift pack 
[for the fellow undecided]
and i was so easily convinced.
i picked the 'tough babes' option and was so so happy.
it was the most gorgeously wrapped package!
you know something's gonna be good when you can't even bear to 
tear the packaging!

 my mum sent me a package with easter treats,
included were some old diaries.
oh my glob THE CRINGE.

here's a small example of the sheer embarrassment.
i couldn't resist that noodle head.

ah midge.
i love this girl and everything she stands for!

i picked up a couple of bits from the ladybird likes facebook sale.

drop dead had a sale too.
i got a jumper.

[oh dear i got a lot of stuff this past couple of months,
i don't know how you guys can do spending bans,
y'alls have way more willpower than me!]

let's be honest though,
 i was WAY more excited about the car air freshener.
can't wait to have a car again.
[really don't need one in berlin]

this is me.
i swear it, every damn beachy time.

i fell in love with this babes work ages ago.
came across some drawings on tumblr.
remember the drawing of the 2 dogs?
one of them is trying to start a nice conversation and the other just screams
lol lol lol

anyway, i never realised she was berlin based!
found her and her stall at the comic invasion in april and got some bits.
i wanted to say hello and talk but i'm so shy.

i really feel like i met my people at the berlin comic invasion.

my ipad case! 
i got it off ebay where it cost a mere £5.
it's so good i love it.
i was in the apple store recently and OMG 
for an official case they wanted €40.
it didn't even have a back!
just a magnet that attached to the side of the tablet.

i'm building up my sticker collection.
i was so into stickers as a kid, i had them on everything.
but i got told it was ruining stuff and why not keep things clean,
so i did. i fell out with stickers.


but i'm back on track now!
hell i'm even making my own stickers!!

the stickers on the case include nicola rowlands, 
gemma flack,
bold as brass
[where lovely rachel baldwin works]
a wilhelm scream,
and my own.

my boyfriend and i like to doodle on our calendars,
we do this purely for the memories.
anything funny that happened or was cooked, 
onto the calendar it goes. 

wait til you see may.
it's looking excellent so far.

i ordered myself some tags for my new dolls.
they cost me no more than £3.
they're just labels that you sew into clothes,
but i'm going to be folding them in half and sewing them into my dolls.
probably their butts.

so, every now and then in the euro store a real treat pops up.
and i'm not talking about €1 washing baskets
[best buy ever.]
this month i found these cutesy heart tubs.
they're not massive.
so far i've been using them as sticker holders and water pots.

lookit how cute they are!

*linda belcher voice* aaaaw, lil babies!!

my sister enjoys taking photos where you blow through your lips,
like blowing a raspberry but no tongues.
i don't think it's that hilarious but if it makes her laugh hey,
what can you do!?

in april i opened my shop and i feel as though i've already improved massively.
it's not easy, but i'm getting there.
i've sold a few dolls,
i had to say bye to my beautiful frida kahlo doll, 
and i've had orders go to america and sweden!
it's all very exciting.

lately i've been making sticker packs.
i have an all purpose everyday occasion pack,
and a girl gang pack.
i'm currently working on animal kingdoms,
blogging essentials,
and other secret treats.

the most time consuming thing is sending out constant emails,
whether i'm introducing myself and my stuff,
submitting to online magazines,
offering freebies,
or even asking for help.
not hearing back from ANYONE is the hardest.

i don't understand how people don't have the time to reply?
it really affects my confidence.
i'll save that for another time though!

hope everyone enjoyed april as much as i did?
i know we're halfway through may now,
i'm always late though, 
don't hate!


  1. Hahaha, oh my god. That diary. <3

    1. you might not believe this....but it gets worse lol X


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