Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Ah finally blogger uploaded my photos! 
These are crappy ipad pictures so i have to apologise in advance for them being small
[and shitty quality!]

So, a quick catch up...

i freaking love bob's burgers.
i don't know why i avoided this show for so long.
i am tina.
i love the whole family, they are amazing.
if you like south park, simpsons, family, king of the hill etc,
basically 'adult' cartoons
[pfft all cartoons are for adults]
and if you haven't yet watched this, 
please watch it!

i watched a diy punk documentary about plan it x records and it filled me with inspiration,
i started planning a zine about standing up and giving people the finger.
whatever bad thing anyone has said about you,
just fuck them.
you don't need that in your life!

yummy ramen

properly german lunch
[baby gherkins AAAW]

we got a meat grinder for xmas and have been making proper sausages
and burgers.
with actual meat.

i finally got my ass back into gear and got back to running,
go me!

popped our own popcorn.
movie night!

riding in cars with boys
2 guns [awful lol]

my ace ventura tattoo by rachel baldwin has finally healed

making some cards for the shop, testing out designs

this is my 'work station'
you see all the dvds under the shelf?
all friends, 1-10.
some people listen to music...i like to watch friends
[all day and all night]

working on some new doll designs
the left is my old fabric,
the right is my new fabric.
there's less bleed so i need to work out some details.


proof i still exist!
the playoffs start on friday and my bruins are in a pretty good position.
they're usually the underdog in this competition,
so i hope they don't get overly cocky and mess it up!
i believe they can do it though.

home made sausages!

i opened my shop!!

some prints

anyway, sorry it's so short,
and sorry the pictures suck so hard!

i've been crazy busy :-/

things are a little more controlled now
[for want of a better word]
and i reckon i have more time to dedicate to blogging properly

thanks for reading guys



  1. Check you out! You've been so busy! The Mermaids looks amazing! I can't wait to see what they look like finished. The sausages look bloody yum too! x

    1. i've still not finished the mermaids lol....oops :) xx


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