Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Party at the Palmyra // Warrington

Hello, hello, hello!
[i've been watching too much rupaul]
Ive been trying to write a catch up post on my ipad bcos i have a shit ton of photos on there
but blogger is being an asshole and i can't figure it out. 

While i'm working on it though here's a draft from last year,
october i think,
when i went home for a friends wedding.
This was one of those lazy warm nights,
surrounded by friends and family.

My sister's fiancee, 
[i wish there were a better word for that, it's annoying to say]
is in a band, Old Tow Quartet,
kind of country, 
but i'm shit with music genres, if it's good, it's good.

They've recently recorded an album,
[my other half is designing the artwork for it]
and it sounds, and is looking, pretty good.
If you're curious check them out 

Back to the photos....

Despite Warrington being a bit of a hole in places,
[ooh controversial]
the buildings in town are stunning.

When you feel like crap and this is the best OOTD photo you can stomach.
Side note...
i love these boots!
They are my life i swear.
I found them in a vintage shop when i was about 17 and picked them up for £20.
Proper oxblood worn in docs.
I told my mum i'm going to get married in them
[she hates them, they're too 'clumpy' lol]
then i was like actually....
*cue happy relieved face from motherhen*
i need to find a pair in white anyway, i'll wear them.

We had some cute German friends and family staying,
hence the family outing.


I love floors.
Seriously, lookit how pretty.

My father, ladies and gentlemen.
He is the ultimate poser and only last year i realised that it's from him 
my sister gets her extrovert and posey ways!

Me being a creeper from outside.
The bar is way too small for actual gigs, 
i stayed outside like a good wallflower.

sorry it's not a recent catch up.
Hope you enjoyed it regardless?!

If you're interested in the band their facebook is
I'm pretty sure there's more songs online.

Right....lets get this stupid blogger app sorted!

>>listening to: Haim<<

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