Monday, 7 April 2014

I opened my shop!!

I actually did it!!!

Also, side note, i keep spelling shop wrong,
pronounce it like 'hope',
it makes me feel like a fancypants.

I hand make these plush dolls and paint their faces.
All done with watercolour and pen.
Some are tattooed, some aren't.

I have 7 for sale for now.
I'm prototyping some tattooed mermaids currently.
I'm also going to offer custom dolls.

As well as the dolls i'm selling prints of my weird illustrations.
For example...

This rosette is part of a series of every day achievements.
They're to do with anxiety, depression, 
and just general good feelings.

Lots more in the shope ;-)

A fitting end to my post, no??
This is an out-take of a girl gang zine i'm working on.
I think the message is pretty clear,
if you support your boobs, your boobs support you.

support each other in life,
if we aren't there for each other then what's the point?!

So please, check out my shop,
tell your friends
share the page,
you can get 10% off your order with the code
because i'm excited to be open finally
[and i love you guys]

Thank you :) 


  1. That's awesome! Go you! I was having a browse before, everything looks amazing. I think Mae is my favourite at the moment. x

  2. Those plushies look so cute! My daughter would love to have one of those. I think she's especially going to love the third one with the funny unibrow. She likes them weird and adorable like that. Haha! Anyway, your prints look interesting as well. I love your doodle-ish style. I can tell how quick those prints will sell. Good luck with your business! :)

    Hoa Bracken @ Master Copy Print

    1. oh thank you so much! the one's in the shop currently are hand painted so probably not good for adventurous little beans! however i'm in the process of making kid friendly dolls that can be dragged through dirt and fed imaginary food etc :) thanks for the sweet comments xx

  3. Very nice! I’m sure your shop is thriving with all those printed plush dolls and prints you have in store. Just keep the illustrations going with fresh designs and varieties, so your customers will always have something new to look forward to. I wish you all the best with your business!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match


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