Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Come over all weddingy

So at certain points of the year it feels like everyone is getting engaged or married, and this time of year is definitely one of those months!

I used to scoff at weddings a bit, i've never really seen a nice one, one that inspires me to start planning my own imaginary wedding in my head. Until i discovered the incredible amount of wedding blogs online! Looking at these real people's weddings makes me come over all funny. The beauty of getting your family and friends involved in a home made, hand made, d.i.y wedding. The wild flowers made into bunches the night before, the bunting, the paper lanterns and flowers, the bright colours, the food! The tiny mini-versions of fish and chips, meat feast bbq's, cakes! Oh yes, cakes, not a cake, a selection. The desert table, yum.

There's that sense of community that i feel people have lost. Everyone chipping in to make this one day that extra bit special. That's the exciting thing about weddings. Nothing can 'go wrong' on your wedding day. Because the only important thing happening is you and him, joining as one, officially.

See what i mean, i have turned into a romance seeking fool!!

I have even started looking at all things weddingy.

I came across a site that i fell in love with at first glance. Artemis and Nao are the most beautiful couple i have ever come across. With their matching sheds, and little home grown veggies, and, most importantly, their jewelry business Rust. The necklaces are so pretty. But the things that catch my magpie eye are the rings.

Oh the rings!!

Lookit how pretty! I adore the left and middle rings on the 2nd row *swoon*

I have totally fallen in love with the floral carved rings. I never knew a ring could be so beautiful. They're so intricately made, and the fact that they're carved from hand makes them that little bit more magical.

So yes, apologies for my awkward wedding post, there's just something in the air at the minute!

Sending lots of love out today xxx

A more regular post will follow in a few days!

i pinched the picture from the Rust website......hope that's ok?!


  1. aren't they just! go on the site and look at the 'regular' jewellery, it's just all so nice!x


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