Sunday, 31 July 2011

Harry Potteeeeeeer!

Happy Sunday!!

I write to you from under a blanket on a rainy, rainy Sunday afternoon. It's so miserable here! But it's ok, i love being inside and warm and dry when it's grey and wet outside!

Heading out to see Haz Pot!

Much different to last week. Last week we went to see Harry Potter and it was way exciting. I made us some cheese sammiches and we had to ride the Ubahn about 11 stops to get to our destination. We bought our tickets, €25!! For TWO 3d tickets. Shocker. Then sat outside to waste some time while we ate our dinner. Lots of birds hopped over so obvs i threw them some crumbs :) I am the bird lady for sure!

My bird friends

We then went in and bought some popcorn. Good god i have never seen popcorn like it. So much popcorn and Pepsi. Couldn't get my hand around the cup, it wouldn't even fit in the drink pocket!!
Big old fashioned cinema, the seats were huge, and there were even couches!
I thought we should have booked online, totally forgot we were in Germany and watching an English film!
There were about 20 people max!

The first half of the film was promising. Then the 2nd half started. Oh god, absolute dirge. Now i LOVE harry potter, the books are ones i can, and do, repeatedly read. But the films are just rubbish! They leave so much out, and there's so much pointless stuff that doesn't relate to the story, but as long as it looks good on camera, then that's fine. I felt like everyone else had like, one line, then it was just Harry mooching around. Boring!! Not enough heart in the films i don't think. Where was Fred & George?!


We stopped for fish and chips on the way home, delicious!!

On another note, i've been using my african black soap for a week now, my skin is possibly worse than when i started. I'm hoping it's just drawing the bad stuff out first, then will start i said, i'm hoping!

We're getting visitors this week. The boy's parents are coming on Wednesday, it's very exciting. Then only 2 weeks till we go home and i get to see my dog again :D oh....and my family!

To finish off, i made an alphabet and a friend from school saw it and asked to use it, she gave me some money so i went and raped E.L.F with their 50% off code for some presents for my sister :) Looking forward to getting my nice big package at home!!!

Home-made carnitas with home-made corn tortillas! We totally found the elusive corn flour, amaze :)

Well, shall leave you all to it, hope you enjoyed your weekends and yours weren't as rainy as mine!!??

Peas xxxxx

Ps-will post alphabet photos later this week, i am proud :D

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