Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Well howdy doody!

When my sister and me were little we had shared possession of this tiny straw hat that clipped into your hair. I found a picture of her recently wearing it and tagged her on facebook, she was livid! She's coming to visit me in Berlin in December for her birthday and yesterday in h&m i found this....

What do you think?! Reckon she'll rock it as much as me?! Hoping it'll make her laugh anyway. There's an old fashioned black and white photobooth down the road from us so i'm sure it will inspire some fun pictures :)

Some christmas stuff i picked up. I know it's not for another few months, but i am in Berlin until December 20th (ish). I miss out on the whole build up to the big day. The decorating, the shopping, the warmth, the secret planning with the family. I'm missing it! So i have grand plans to decorate the flat for a couple of weeks so i at least get that xmas feeling earlier than 4 nights before xmas eve! 

Before we left England i meant to pick up an empty notebook for myself, totally forgot though so picked up this little thing for cheaps. The paper is a wee bit thin, but, it'll do. The necklace was on offer, €3 from €12, winner. I also saw another one with a rams head on it, black braided cord, sounds a bit satanist but it's not, was just chunky and cute. Really wanted it but got the cheaper necklace instead. Hoping the xmas fairy gets me the ram!
Bijou Brigitte. 

Again, for my sister. He is cute, not entirely sure what he is....but i like him! 

My swag, the cardi i was after in england that sold out. The blue stripy top i already have, but it was on offer for €3 and i wear it all the time, good to have a back up! The other stripy one was also on offer. 
I got the fox purse to go with my shiny new fox love mirror by the lovely Nicola Rowlands. Really want one of her Man Friends and pillows too.....all in good time.

To end another picture of me in a hat, furry hat! Was after a wolf one from Merrimaking, but this was cheap so i got this. The wolf can wait!

Everyone excited for xmas? Anyone else being weird like me and already getting decorations ready?


  1. I like your selection of clothing. The orange striped one especially is my favourite! Ps, have you been to Modular Haus at Moritzpatz? I went there and thought I had died and gone to heaven. Just reminded me when i saw your notebook.

  2. aww that hat is so cute! :)

  3. ha, thanks vivian, do you mean the tiny one or the leopard one?!?! either way, thanks!
    also i've not been modular haus, deffo gonna go though, just checked out the website, it looks amazing :D

  4. Love the clothes you picked up, the hat looks so cosy x

  5. thank you :) my boyfriend keeps stealing it would you believe!? new post going up 2moro with evidence of this audacity :D


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