Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Warning, picture heavy!

Hello lovely people :) I have come down with some sort of head cold and am feeling pretty sorry for myself. Yesterday was a huge duvet day, just snuggled up on the couch in about 5 layers of stuff plus 2 blankets. Looked a bit of a state. 
So i decided today to get out and walk aboot, maybe do some shopping and try and cheer myself up. 

I ended up being SUPER lazy and got the ubahn 1 stop to the mall, ha! Laaaaazy!

So here i am in h&m, this is what i wore today, bit rainy but i was on the U so didn't get that wet.

My selection of treats.

Totally into elbow patches, so glad they're finally back in.

How's the skirt over pants look treatin' you!? Bit fit right?! Haha, i wasn't keen on this, but looking back now, i should've got it, it's kinda cute, and i didn't feel uber rotten in it either.

No. Stripes are not working for me.

My cardigan! This was sold out in the UK h&m so i am well chuffed i found it today, it was the last one too.

Wanted this because of the hood, but it was just a bit....bleugh. 

Hello! After leaving h&m i got a text off someone to say i was about to get a little surprise.

Look who joined me for lunch! Yay! 

All in all i had a lovely day and am now back home all tucked up with a cup of tea and watching Being Erica. 
I was going to post my haul from today but i'll save it for another post 2moro.

Hope everyone is well and not struck down with a snotty cold!! xx

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