Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Festival of (sh)ite!

Hello peas, i have been procrastinating a lot this week. Sending lots of emails to a friend re-united, finding tattoo inspiration for my next piece, trying to draw said tattoo! Basically i should have done this post on monday....but put it off ha! Sorry!! exciting weekend.....

This past week in Berlin has been the festival of lights, all around Berlin there are light installations on famous monuments, landmarks and by artists. We were here this time last year and had heard of it...on the day it finished! We missed it! So we were determined to go this year, we decided on saturday night because we wouldn't be able to watch X-Factor till the next day.

So 10pm rolls around and we head out into the city, i know, we're too cool. Starting at the TV tower in Alex, which looks amazing. It kept changing colour then there were animations travelling the length of it, so interesting. Then we headed over to Museum Insel, where the above building was lit up. We should have stopped here, but no.....

We decided to walk down Unter Den Linden to the Brandenburg Gate. No! Soooo long and boring and annoying a walk. We kept getting bustled along by proper photographers with tripods and sticks and just getting annoyed in general. Me and my bf, we're not particularly people people. Ha. It was a good night though, we saw some nice things and we actually left the flat. Was just a bit of an anti-climax!

Sunday was a nice lazy day. We got up at dinner and stolled to the calzone place, which is next to the bakery. Picked up a nice little calzone each and chose a cake, carrot for me, rhubarb for the boy. 
We then had a bit of a Would i lie to you marathon, watched 5 episodes in a row. It was seriously brilliant, my eyes were squinty from laughing so hard.  

One of the highlights of the weekend, Greg Davies' 'Hoot owl of death' drawing. 

He wants my hat and keeps stealing it!

Lovely bathroom and toilet holder shot here. Classy, not trashy :)
What i wore to the Sick of it All gig on friday, my hair was bugging me with it's whispy bits so i just pinned it off my face.

Hardcore heaven ha!

Laters x

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  1. Haha the hat picture is too funny. And that cake looks yummy! Looks like you had a nice time. (:

    - Jaimie


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