Monday, 31 October 2011

A sad circumstance

Oh dear sorry for being AWOL...

Had a fair bit on this past week or two, hard to believe what with my lady of leisure lifestyle and all that. You'll be happy to know though i am now thoroughly up to date with cycle 16 of America's Next Top Model.

I'm joking. Or am i?

Anyway the reason i've not updated in a while is my boyfriend's aunty passed away recently after a long struggle with breast cancer. It was tough on everyone and the funeral was last week so we flew home for it. They were a really close family and we couldn't not pay our respects. 
I have to say, not making everything about me or anything, it was my first funeral and i was terrified. On the way to the service i just couldn't stop crying, i don't know what it was, i think it might have been the build up and anticipation of the whole thing.
When we got out of the car my boyfriend's mum gave me a big hug to try and help me to calm down and what did i do? I did what every other future daughter in law would do in the same situation, and i punched her in the face. 

I'm being totally serious. It was an accident obvs, but was embarrassing to say the least! It helped me settle down anyway.

The funeral itself wasn't as traumatic as i was expecting, i kept thinking about my Opa though which made it a little more tough, i chose not to go to his funeral as i genuinely didn't think i could cope. 

Well, i really wasn't expecting to write this much, it was supposed to be a little 'proper post 2moro promise' sentence, i guess sometimes you just tend to let your fingers do the talking. 

I hope everyone else can handle death and funerals a little bit better than me.

Here i am guzzling through a bottle of MezzoMix, it's a German creation, a mixture of Fanta and Coke and it is gorgeous, no joke, try it at home, coke & fanta.

Will speak again 2moro :) Promise x

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