Saturday, 5 November 2011

Beyond The Grave

I got a tattoo a few years ago. 
My Opa died and i wanted to get something done for him, to demonstrate how much he meant to me. As i was planning the design it occurred to me that if i got a tattoo for everyone i knew that passed away, i'd be struggling for space. So i decided to get a memory tattoo, so to speak.  

A way to collectively pay my respects, and remember people that have been lost.

This is the tattoo i got. 
It's pretty self explanatory. There is a couple, this expresses love. Whether it is heart wrenching love for a partner, or that bonded by blood love for a parent or family member, it symbolises love as a whole. 
The scroll, 'Beyond The Grave', literally means i will always remember, no matter what, because i have this little reminder on my arm.

One of my oldest friends had some terrible news recently. It's impossible to know how something like this affects people. You hear all the time about tragedies and you feel sympathy, but you can never really fully understand how to feel until it happens to you, or to someone you know. I find myself getting on with my day, but every so often i'll remember, and i have to catch my breath. 

I love my friend so much. She was the first and best friend i ever made in England so she is a very big part of my life. She truly is the strongest person i know. I wish i had her strength, because I have never felt so far away at such a pivotal moment in her life. I hope she knows that if she needs me, even for a hug, she just needs to ask and i will find a way. Even if that means flying alone!
I think she knows though.

The world lost an extraordinary person this week, a kind, genuine, 'salt of the earth' guy, but he will forever be remembered, because he is of course, in all our hearts, and with us always with the memories we hold.


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