Monday, 7 November 2011


I made a gingerbread man out of felt this weekend.

He looks rubbish, i can't think what it is....maybe it's his scary face?

I told my boyfriend i was worried about it coming to life in the night, i woke up this morning and it was missing. I went looking for mr gingerbread and found him warming himself up in the oven with the meringues i made last night. 


Loving that Frankie is still in X-Factor, i find it truly hilarious. People are getting so worked up about it! He's not going to win, and who cares if he does?! It doesn't really affect your life does it?
He is rubbish, and he totally RUINED a classic Clash song, but he winds Louis up so much that it makes it a little worth it. 

So that is the extent of my weekend, oh, as well as an impromptu watching of The Lion King which was amazing! 



  1. He doesn't look rubbish to me! i love gingys! It looks like you've done a good job! x

  2. Aw thank you :) i am making a whole string of them 2moro for my mum so we'll see how they turn out!! xx


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