Monday, 28 November 2011


Hello everyone! 
Well, what a busy month i've had. 
The boyfriend's parents visited, we've had lots of gigs, our ice hockey team The Bruins had a 10 game winning streak, i got a small babysitting job, started the 30 day shred. Much to tell!

I can't believe it's almost December. We made a pact this year to decorate the flat on the 1st, which is THURSDAY!!!  I'm a wee bit excited lol, i love christmas, i love decorating and making and baking!
I am happy to say i've bought all of my presents and they are at home, in my cupboard, awaiting my arrival on the 17th. I can't wait to get back and see them all and wrap them.

It's my sister's birthday when she visits in a couple of weeks (!!!!) so i've been making her some birthday pom pom garlands. We have a family tradition where we decorate the dining room table with presents, cake, sweets and balloons. It's so much fun, but i won't be home for her birthday this year :( sad face. Instead she is coming to me in Berlin! 
Best birthday ever.
Especially when you live next door to a Bahamas bar with sand as a carpet and €4 giant cocktails!

Yesterday was the first advent sunday. The German tradition is to have a wreath on the table with four candles, you light each one each sunday leading up to christmas. I'm not holy or churchy, but i remember doing it when i was little and it reminds me of Germany so i have to do it!
We didn't get a wreath, to be quite honest we just couldn't be arsed making one, so i made a make shift advent candle. You like!? I hope we have 4 candles otherwise i'm going to need to find some more ha!

After making my sister's garland i got jealous and wanted my own, so i made a christmas one, and then put it on my head as a hat. Fancy, no?

I have fallen in love with that bobble pom pom jumper on the Monki site, but i can't afford it at the minute, and i'm probably too big for it, so i'm thinking of making my own.....could look a bit awkward though i think.

The biggest news this month is that i FINALLY, yes, FINALLY started the 30 day shred. This is my new favourite treat, peanut butter on banana. Mmmm, seriously delish. 
I'm currently on day 8, well, today is day 8 but i am putting it off. I just don't feel motivated, i will do it, just can't get the dvd in!!

A usual Saturday for me and the boyf includes a trip to the record store. This weekend i found the Thin Lizzy 'Live and Dangerous' album and i had to have it. Seriously. I went into proper full on sulk mode 'please please please please pleeeeaaaaaasssseeeeee'.

I got it! Yay! Love Thin Lizzy. Thing is, i don't like any other of those big stadium rock bands, ACDC, Kiss, etc. Just this band. I think they're music's a bit different, it's got a bit more soul. I don't know. I just like it lol. 
We also got the Elvis Christmas Album, which i am not allowed to touch until deccy night (!!!), and the Amy Winehouse Ska e.p, which is amazing. 

On a final note, lookit my lovely cat shoes! I've been wearing these T.U.K cat shoes for about 3 or 4 years now, but the plain black creeper type ones. These are my first pair of the mary jane style with that heel and they are gorgeous! Only problem is they literally ripped a hole in each of my heels!
You know when you wear in a new pair of Docs? Yeah, just like that.

So tonight i am babysitting, it's really fun, i get to draw and play and not talk a lot without grown ups judging me. Love it. 

So, after a long break, for no other reason than i kept putting off writing this post, i bid you adieu :)

Speak again soon, i am doing lots of xmas crafting so i have much to share!!

Is everyone else sorted for Christmas? Visited the markets yet? 
Oooooh :) x

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