Friday, 28 March 2014

Womanstanley - The Exhibition.

I'm part of a group of [amazing] artists called Womanstanley 
[go like us!]
and we're holding an exhibition in June

The poster was designed by one of my favourite female artists Sophie New.
Her work is a dream and exactly my kind of art.

This is going to be my first ever exhibition.
Seeing as i am still [and forever] on hiatus for my degree i haven't had a final degree. 
So i have no idea what i'm doing.
The worst of it is i can't even be in Warrington when it's going on. 
I'm back in May so i need to get really organised and decide what i want to exhibit,
get some business cards printed,
sort out my shop,
frame my chosen drawings.


[btw i'm such a geek, whilst writing this i'm listening to Les Mis videos from you tube,
'without me, his world will go on turniiiiing'
obsessed with the music in this play]

The thought of putting my work out there fills me with dread.
I've only recently become comfortable with myself,
with my style and my drawings.
I just hope they are well received and that people who like this style,
like my work and get in touch.
I'm shy in person but i'm cool with hiding behind a laptop :)

I'm sure i'll be posting about the exhibition prep,
shop stuff,
new drawings etc.

I'm also thinking of making a FB page for me as an artist.
*adds more onto to do list*

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