Sunday, 21 August 2011

Seeing rainbows!

Hello to my lovely petite circle of followers :) and to any who is not following but reading, follow me, i won't let you down!!

This is just a small post to show off my amazing baking skills. While living in Berlin it was hard to bake because they don't have self raising flour over there....don't ask, sore subject. I had massive withdrawals from not being able to bake properly for 4 months, so as soon as i had a chance i whopped out my muffin tray, ha, and baked these bad boys....

Our oven is kind of crap and goes hot and cold on a whim so they got a bit hot and dropped, boo! But they tasted delicious and looked like this inside!

So colourful!!

The buttercream was an indulgence :-)

At the request of my boyfriend i also made some lemon drizzle cake which turned out yummy and lemony and moist, fit!!

On another note, i ordered the 30 day shred dvd and it should be arriving Monday, i am very nervous and will keep you updated on the pain i am in and the (slow) progress i will be making!!

Peas xxx


  1. Your rainbow muffins look absolute fabulous! :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. thank you!! they tasted pretty fab too!!! xx

  3. the rainbow muffins look amazing! I've always wanted to try baking that sort of thing! xx

  4. Those cakes look so amazing! x

  5. thank you guys :) i just read that it's national baking week so might have to make more! the only thing is....i'm in berlin now and they don't have the food paste colours!! might need to request a special delivery off the family :)


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