Friday, 19 August 2011

A wee blog sale :)

Well since deciding that i need to re-evaluate my style one thing became glaringly clear.....i have no decent clothes!! Seriously, what little i actually own is pretty worn in, moth eaten, just gross.
So i need some new 'key pieces' for my style overhaul, but for shopping, you need money, of which i literally do not have!
I am willing to sacrifice some items i found to aid me in raising some money. So here goes, une petite blog sale :)

£4 inc. postage

a beautiful Disney Couture necklace, £10 inc. postage
sad to let this one go!


£15 for all inc.postage, never used - righteous butter swatched a tiny amount

vintage, size 48, i'd say 16/18, poss even 20
£5 inc.postage


vintage, 18/20, poss 22
£5 inc.postage


vintage, 18/20 maybe
£4 inc.postage

vintage fake fur, 20/22
£10 inc.postage

fake fur, can't remember where this is from!
£10 inc.postage

h&m, L, never worn
£3 inc.postage

m&s, says 16 but there's a lot of give :)
£3 inc.postage

dorothy perkins, 20, never worn
£5 inc.postage

Please RT on twitter and get word out if you know anyone who you think might fancy a little cheap treat :)

First couple of people to order will receive a screen printed gift from me......

Thanks for reading guys! On a seperate note, i made rainbow cupcakes today and will share the results this weekend xx

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