Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday summary

I can't believe how fast this week has gone! 
I'm heading back to the UK for my mum's 50th a week on wednesday and she has reported that the weather back home is awful.
I feel like this week we tried to take full advantage of the heat with picnics, gigs, and frozen yoghurt.

The perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon. Spirited Away. You have to watch a Ghibli film in it's original language with English subs, it's the only way.

New favourite band HopAlong. Saw them midweek and the gig started at 10pm. 
For a couple of home bodies like us believe me, this was a big deal!
The singer has an amazing voice. If you like Lemuria, you'll like these for sure. 
I love adding to my record collection. The moon label and printed lyric sheet really made this album :)

Picnic in the park for lunch.
Our local is Mauerpark. 
2 minutes away.

New shoes. I had a pair similar to this when i was younger.
They were by Buffalo and they had pink flames.
I know, i'm cool.

New necklaces. 
Following Estée's advice that a statement necklace can fancy up a simple striped top, of which i have many. 

Made a little doll.

Watching LTJ at Monsterbash on Saturday. 

This sexy guy made my night. 

An outfit post of sorts. Obvs i didn't wear the fake crocs. I wore my fake Buffalo's.

Someone gave away almost their entire living room!

Hope everyone has had a good week.
My next 10 days or so are going to be CRAY.
Have so much bunting so sew, the flat needs a proper deep clean, and i recently discovered secret stashes of make up and product that i don't use anymore.
All needs sorting!

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