Tuesday, 30 April 2013

What i bought....

Just a few 'essentials' i picked up last week.

My favourite thing about summer is that i get to wear glasses and watch people without them knowing... 
I sound like such a creeper i know, i'm not though!
I'm incredibly shy.
The catch is, i find people so very interesting. The choices in clothes they wear, how girls [and some boys] have their hair/make up, how they act around and towards others. 
I just love people watching. So decent sunglasses are a must have. 
I found a decent pair in H&M for about €6, and picked up a natty pvc glasses case.

You know how it is, summer equals forward planning, so a big bag filled with everything is a necessity, and sometimes [most times], my glasses get smushed and scratched to hell. 
Not cool. 

Also H&M, for my bobbles, clips, kirby grips etc. 

Finishing party decorations for my mum's 50th.

Yep, scrunchies. 

'Nude' palette by Catrice €4. 
I don't know about you but i had to laugh when i saw this was called Nude. 
Naked sounds so much better...but i guess that was already taken!

The Urban Decay Naked palette has been on my wishlist for a while. Alas, i am poor, and cannot, nay, will not, pay so much money for eye shadow.s 
I just can't justify it! 
I will probably cave at some point though and get one!

This smells so fresh after a shower, it lasts all day too. 
However, if you fancy a top up, it's super refreshing also.

My plan today is to get in my bedroom and organise all my make up and hair/skin products. 
Weirdly excited for this.
I also have to send a box to the UK for my family.
I love care packages, don't you!? 

Also, hello to my new followers, you've no idea how excited i am to see you :)


  1. Looks like you bought yourself some lovely stuff :) xx


    1. It was a successful trip to the post office in the mall i think! x

  2. Love your posts! You seem so lovely :)
    Just felt I needed to tell you!
    All the best,
    Lucy xxx

    1. You're too sweet! thank you :) x


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